Wednesday, July 30, 2008

FHF Declares Temporary Ban on Swedish Babes; Replaced with Finns

In protest of Mats Sundin's fence up his ass, FHF today declares that until he signs somewhere, we will no longer post Swedish babes. Fuck you Mats and your pussiness dicking around.

Not to worry kids, plenty of other countries with hot chicks out there. In honour of the ever-present "Finnish Flash to play with BFF Saku" rumours, today we present these lovely ladies of Finland. The women above were the contestants for Miss Finland in 2007. Two of them are only seventeen, so make sure not to masturbate to those.


eyebleaf said...

you guys are hilarious.

now that there's a moratorium on swedish babes, mats is going to be PISSED.

panger76 said...

HF29 you owe me a new keyboard for that last line. Outstanding, sir.

Habs101 said...

Um, I believe 17 is legal, so frig you. Of course, I'm not the lawyer here... front left, yellow bikini - think I'm safe?

Senators Lost Cojones said...

#10, be in my room at 9:30.

#2...9:45. Bring a friend.

panger76 said...

@SLC: that is how the Senators (and now Habs) built through the draft, by making ass-tute evaluations of talent!

But enough about hockey, back to staring at (mostly) naked women....

Moose said...

I, for one, approve whole heartedly. Bring on the Finnish Babes!

Habs101 said...

Oh, hey - they have numbers. Missed that.

Give the girl in orange a cheeseburger.

Anonymous said...

Fuggidy fuggidy fuggidy squuirt squirt squirt.

I'm not really a blondes sort of you know sad american dallas sorts guy who likes blondes, any blonde'll do...but my word, look at miss front row second from left. Fuggidy.

Saku should divorce Hannah and have sex with at least 4 of these girls, right now.

Sorry ladies on this site, this is just mid summer male wanking sexist crap, but still, well done as usual guys.