Friday, July 18, 2008

Breaking Sidekick News

Benoit Brunet has replaced Yvon Pedneault as Pierre Houde's sidekick for all RDS Habs games.

I'm not a happy man.

Back to my sabbatical.


HabsFan29 said...

do my eyes deceive me or does that say "post by Habsfan4"?

benoit was just fine in the studio, but as a colour man i am not convinced. the best play by play / colour man combo around is gone. tragic. i may have to start watching *gasp* CBC. to quote Simmons, I will now light myself on fire

Bryan said...

salut pierre et.... benoit?

it's a good thing i haven't already made my sign for the feb 9th game in calgary

wrap around curl said...

For a good minute there I thought that dude was Ed McMahon.

Habs101 said...

MAN! Benoit Brunet is looking OLD. OK, enough of the old guy. Babe time! I'm sure you've featured her before, but there must be some link you can make between the Mats Sundin situation and Mike Modano's wife - Willa Ford. Sundin was conceived on the day Modano was born. Anything. Please. Doesn't have to be her...just somebody else.