Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rhino Says He's Sorry, Goes to the Box for Two Minutes, Feels Shame, Then Gets Free

Habs D Ryan O'Byrne has had the theft charges against him dropped after reading an apology in a Florida Court. If only we had apologised to the Court, we wouldn't have that record. Damn hookers 'n meth.

ANYWAY, as you may recall, Rhino was arrested last February for allegedly snatching a European carry-all in Tampa at 3 AM. Florida State Attorney Pam Bondi said Rhino has behaved for 5 months and has done community service, so he's free to go. Free to go pummel pussy little 5'9" forwards standing in front of TFS.

And that Habs purse above? A mere $325. We wish that was a joke.


wrap around curl said...

I hate those bags. So so much.

Bryan said...

WHAT!?!? fuck, even I would carry one of those if I had it!

Kirsten said...

Holy shit. I refuse to pay $325 for some bag that I can't even put my sunglasses and cell phone in.

The Slapshot reference made reading about and being depressed by how easily sports figures get off for random crimes much better.