Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hot Babe with an Actual Relationship to Hockey of the Day

This is Paulina Gretzky. She has been exploding around the hockey blogosphere lately. If you can't figure out who she is the daughter of, we really don't know why you are reading a hockey site. Paulina is a model and singer. You may recall her singing at the Heritage Classic. She also plays golf like dad. Thankfully, her looks and body seem to have been inherited from mom.

Commence "Great Ones" jokes about her legs in 3,2,1...

1 comment:

Robert L said...

Okay, how about...

1 - She looks more like a 69 than a 99!

2 - Let's see McSorley protect that!

3 - The skinny legs and absent chest, that's from the old man!