Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Morning Skate for Some Beautiful Summer Day Yet Godforsaken Middle of the Off Season Day Where Absolutely Fuck All is Happening

Hey ho. Just wanted to check in, let y'all know we're still alive. But fuck, are these the dog days of summer or what? Everyone's on vacation it looks like; and Ted Nolan is on permanent vacation. Not much else hockey-wise going on. When Canadians are winning the home run derby, the whole sports world is on its ear, eh?

We can't even start a countdown to the first game because the fucking schedule hasn't even been announced yet. Maybe we'll go outside. AAUUGGHHHH, THE SUN. My eyes! The goggles they do nothing.


Habs101 said...

Here's some news. A friend was recently vacationing and his boy was on a trampoline when his knee had an unfortunate meeting with his chin. He cracked his jaw, lost some teeth, all in all bad. 3 hours waiting at the emergency room and who walks in but Bob Probert, who says "I called ahead for Doctor Soandso", and he is admitted directly through to see the doctor. The reason - to get a prescription written (probably Viagra). My friend's wife, who is a nurse says to the admitting nurse "My boy is in terrible pain and there's a man in obvious respiratory distress - what the hell is this!?"
The nurse nods in agreement and just says "Yeah, I know."

Bottom line: Probert's an arsehole. And so are doctors. No offense 29, or 4, or whomever has Dr. Dad.

Jenster said...

Happy to know I' m not the only one who finds this summer dreadful. It was easier to wait for a shit team to start the season. Now, hope is alive.

Habsfan1993 said...

Howsabout posting on Kris Draper letting his little ankle-biter take a dump in the Holy Grail? At least I can finally welcome Claude Lemieux back with open arms.

Yeah! Hit Draper again! Mccarty SUCKS!

fezworth said...

love the Rainier Wolfcastle reference 29. Nicely done.