Wednesday, July 02, 2008

TMS Says Goodbye to Milk Carton Mike and The Swiss Mister

Three years, $4 million per from the Broons (noooo!) for Ryder, five-years (!), $20.5 million from the Islanders for Streit.

Two of FHF's best nicknames out the door. Just tragic.

Seriously (ha! on this site?), from a hockey perspective, if Streit really wants to play D 20.5 mill is way overpriced. If you recall, he sucks at D. And we will always claim that Ryder fucked a female relative of Carbo and pissed him off. It's gonna be real embarassing when he scores 5 goals to lead the Broons past the Habs in the Conference semi-finals, including the series winner in Game 6.


moeman said...

Time for a nickname for Alex Tongueh.

Habsfan10 said...

Way too much for either of them. Ryder actually gets closer to home by playing with the Bruins.

Araev16 said...

I always like you guys because you know what you are talking about. The potential of Ryder blowing up in Boston and coming back to bite the Habs is pretty good.

The tards on Team 990 were going on about how the Ryder signing was the worst of the day (even worse than Finger!) and how stupid the Bruins were and how the Canadiens gave Ryder every chance to thrive. Really??? They hated him.

He probably banged Anne-Marie when she was having maritial woes with Brenden Moron.

GG said...

Yep, that Ryder signing worries me a bit. The Bruins overpaid, but I would have liked to see him go west, instead of having to face him 6 times a year.

I'm glad to see Huet in Chicago, as the hawks are my favrite team in the west.

moeman said...

meh, Bs still have issues on D and G and CCRyder ain't too good at backchecking.

msevigny said...

I don't get all this "Oh no, Ryder might come back and kill us" talk. If he does, he does, what was Gainey supposed to do? Throw money at him to keep him here, just to hedge against the chances of him being good somewhere else? It didn't look like he was interested in scoring in Montreal anymore, and it's not like he didn't get plenty of ice time for most of the season. He lost his job to an epileptic Belarussian. I'm not that worried about him being the next Leclair. I bet Streit scores on the Habs before Ryder does.

That said, eith eight games a year he's bound to score on the Habs sometime, and I eagerly await TSN and/or CBC slobbering all over this when he does (Sportscentre Top 10 Great Ex-Habs, entire episodes of Coach's Corner about Ryder being a beautiful Canadian boy, etc.).