Thursday, July 24, 2008

FHF Grateful to Marty Rucinsky for Excuse to Post More Czech Supermodels

I want to move to, as John McCain would say, Czechoslovakia. FHF sure loves the Czech supermodels. This one is Petra Nemcova, and she's alright. You know, if you like the sort of women who are perfect.

Where was I again? Oh right, Martin Rucinsky. The former Hab has decided Czech supermodels are better than U.S. ones, and is going home to play with Sparta Prague. He has played for so many teams, I have no fucking clue who he played for last year. Somewhere west-ish I think. Phoenix? St. Louis? I don't really give a shit, and I'm too busy researching Czech supermodels to look it up.


saskhab said...

Mmm... Petra Nemcova...

Rucinsky was one of the last NHLers who played for that "other" Quebec team. With so many former Nords contemplating retirement (Sundin, Sakic, Forsberg) this year, the number of former Nordiques players signed for next year is down to only 2 (Nolan and Foote).

So what I'm saying is... this might be a time to honour the Quebec capital's finest bodies as well.

Anonymous said...

Remember that incredible season that Rucinsky had as a hab?

Yeah, neither do I.

Bob said...

I remember the down fall of the Habs when he got here.

Anonymous said...

Ah fuggidy. The Nords were a joke. Fags. Big giant Gayboys.

Not homosexual, nothing wrong with that if that's the way a guy or gal wants to go...that's not what I'm saying, they were just so faggy boy gay kinda.

They were just gay in their gay blue sucky Fleur de Lis uniforms and all that gayness.

I'm pissed. Fuck really quite. But really it's true, so much faggy sort of fagginess, the fuggin NORDIQUES. GOD what shit really. Blue gay uniforms with this white stripe at the bottom sort of gayness.

I mean I could accept the 'Penguins' as a new team, just barely kinda, in 67, but the 'Nordiques'? God what fag crap name.

Beliveau played for the Quebec Aces, great name. Let's hope Quebec gets another team with a non fag gayboy name.

Blah, when's training camp start, this is really boring fuckoff shit crap. I want to see some plays, good saves, crisp passes from young Tits.


Anonymous said...

Above could only have been jeffhk of course drunk just wet myself crap not good good night kids.

HabsFan29 said...

it's ok jeff, we knew who it was. take care of the new baby.