Thursday, July 31, 2008

OMFG It's a Hockey Post!

Sure, hot chicks and Sundin melodrama are all fun and good, but every now and then we guess we should write about hockey. You know, being a hockey blog and all.

So ESPN hockey writer Scott Burnside has gone nuts and already written the first Power Rankings for the season. He's got the Habs in at number 2 in the East, and we can live with that. He does warn TFS(tm) will have to prove the playoff meltdown was a one-time thing, but we think everyone kind of agrees with Carey's assesment he was tired. At least, we hope.

He's got the Pens at number one in the East. As much as we think the Pens have some talent, half the team is now in Tampa and their muscle now wears the CH. But MYFO does a much better job of explaining why that won't happen. We would add that they recently signed coach Michel Therrien to a 3-year extension, and it's only a matter of time before he kills a ref or one of his own players, so they'll be in trouble there.

As for our favourite rivals, Burnside has the Laffs at 13th in the East. No surprise there, except maybe that they aren't 15th. The surprise is the Sens coming in at 10th, after years of being the presumptive number one. Care to comment, SLC?

As for the West, Wings, Sharks, Stars, Ducks, yada yada, whatever, same old same old zzzzzzzzzzz....

So are the Habs good for second in the East? Will the Sens really suck? What's your favourite hockey video game of all time? (Intellivision, WOOO!) Let's talk hockey for a change. We'll get back to the near nudity tomorrow.


melly said...

"As for the West, Wings, Sharks, Stars, Ducks, yada yada, whatever, same old same old zzzzzzzzzzz...."

Same old? With the oh-so-slight exception of Scotty Bowman joining the Blackhawks, maybe.

I can handle being ranked second. Still kinda getting used to other people seeing our team as one to beat. It's been a loooong ass time!

saskhab said...

I hope our guys think of this as a challenge. In the playoffs as the #1 seed, they didn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence. The Pens are the team to beat, just because of how easily they rolled through the Eastern side of the playoffs, and having 2 of the top 3 players in the Conference.

Montreal is not the only team in the East with a young core trying to deal with greater expectations, though. Philly and Washington are expected to be amongst the better teams in the Conference this year as well based on last year's success. Add to that a more loaded up New Jersey team, and the East is fairly wide open.

Will Ottawa suck? I honestly have no idea what to expect. They could bounce back with a vengence. But I also expect Buffalo to be much more competitive and Boston to remain in the hunt.

I think the Rangers are greatly overrated right now and could slip out of a playoff spot.

Anonymous said...

Did everybody else miss the prediction of the return to 30+ goals for Ryder - Marc Savard will have to make this happen mostly on his own!

HabsFan29 said...

@anon - I saw it, tried to pretend I never read it

Senators Lost Cojones said...

At the risk of editorializing, Mr. Burnside is a communist sympathizer who beats puppies in his spare time and should be dealt with in a harsh and brutal fashion.

If we, brave members of the hockey punditocracy one and all, say nothing and allow this kind of behaviour to continue, we can only incite others to spew similar senseless drivel, leading to anarchy of biblical proportions.

At that point, ladies and gentlemen, the terrorists have clearly won.



1) Looks like the NE division as a whole is not going to be what it once was; one of the better in the NHL.
2) In fact its plausible that the SE might place more teams in the posts season tournament.
3) Have to agree that the Habs remain the class of the division, so a top 3 placement is apt.

Rips it, scores! said...

Ahh Alyssa.....

Rips it, scores! said...

Seems I posted the above comment in the wrong post.

Oh well, I'm an idiot.