Monday, July 21, 2008

OK Mats, Make Up Your F*cking Mind Already

This is supposedly Mats' girlfriend. Let's face it, Habs' fans have seen enough of Mats' mug over the last couple of months. I wonder if he's texting Don Meehan in the background...

Sundin has downplayed the latest "rumour" that he has agreed to play for the Canucks. 20 million big ones for about 164 night's work isn't bad. Yeah, I'm not including any playoff games. Name Vancouver's second line left winger. Exactly.

Mats, stop pulling the Brett Farve routine and make up your mind. It's not rocket science: do you want a chance at a Cup or roll in more money that you don't need? Listen, you've already got the cash, fame, HHOF resume and evidently the blond babe. Put those Leafs days behind you and come to a classy, winning organization, Mr. Sundin.

Just make a fucking choice already.


HabsFan29 said...


maybe he'll make a choice by 2009

Jaredoflondon said...

why must you write such hurtful things?

panger76 said...

Hurtful to Mats or the Leafs? If it's the latter, my reason is simply: I am a Montrealer at heart. It's in my DNA.
That being said, I COMPLETELY underestimated teh level of Tornoto-bashing out in the West. No one seems to like T.O., well, except Torontonians.

Habs101 said...

OK, first I'll have to admit to having nerdy tendencies. Second, I guess I'm not that nerdy because I can't seem to get that damned 'link to a webpage' to work.
Anyway, back to the nerdiness. I admit to being a big BSG (that's Battlestar Galactica - the new version, for you noobs) fan.
Mats' girlfriend (at least in this pic) looks a helluva lot like Starbuck from BSG. If I could work the damn link it would point to this picture:

My wife is a bigger BSG fan and has a crush on Starbuck *please (enter supreme being in charge of all things good here), I've been good*.

Anyway, yeah Matty, make up yer friggin mind.

Sherry said...

Whoever Mats' PR people are they're doing a FANTASTIC job. Some Hollywood celebrities don't get this type of attention.