Thursday, July 03, 2008

Uncle Cliffy Grabs ... Well, Grabs, Actually.

Is this what Bob gave up in order to have Mats Sundin hem and haw for the next two months? TSN is reporting that our once-upon-a-time future number 2 centre Mikhail "Grabs" Grabovski has been dealt to the Leafs for prospect Greg Pateryn and a second round pick in 2010.

What do I think? We had high hopes for Grabs last year, and some had him penciled in as Kovy's centreman. He didn't really show a lot early season, and got sent down. He then became everyone's favourite trading chip in deals for Marian Hossa, Mats Sundin, Alex Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk ... you name it, Grabs (and Ryder, Halak, O'Byrne and a pick) were traded for it. Still, we liked Grabs until he went all petulant child and refused to travel with the team after being scratched. Personally, that's the moment I turned on him like a viper. Arrogant little fuck.

With Pleks installed on the first line, Saku on the second, and a host of other prospects in the pipeline, RFA Grabs was probably out the door sooner or later. Bob and Timmins got themselves a useful pick and another high school defenseman from the States. The Leafs got a speedy, offensively gifted prospect, who I hope turns into the next Lonny Bohonos or Luca Cereda. See, sometimes in a trade you wish the guy leaving well ... but Grabs sulked and went against the family. That's usually enough to earn my scorn, but now he's a Leaf too, so fuck him.


HabsFan29 said...

if he blossoms for the Leafs just kill me

but i have no problem with this, and I was the one who always liked him

Free4Life said...

(insert Nelson Munce voice here)
Ha ha! Grab ya later.

Don Cherry loved Lonny Bohonos! What'll he think of this little Europee-on? We'll never know cuz I'm sure he's long since stroked out over the Leafs cutting loose the heart and soul of the team...not Matty...Tucker of course.

I see a Pateryn forming.

At least we got Alex "JOHN" Henry, the steel driving man!

Matt D said...


We got Le Grand Georges! He is going to be the most popular player in the entire world next year.

I'm not being in the least bit sarcastic, by the way. This is fantastic.