Friday, July 04, 2008

Jagr to Nail Hot Russian Chicks for the Next Two Years

This is Anna Semenovich ("you said semen" - Butt-head). She was a world class Russian figure skater but her tits kept getting in the way during triple axels. She is now a Russian pop singer. Here's a photo gallery that might keep you entertained for while.

Oh right, hockey. Russian Super League team Avangard Omsk is saying on its website that Jaromir Jagr has signed a two-year deal to play for them. Whatever, goodbye, good luck, thanks for the lame excuse to post Ms. Semenovich.


moeman said...

heh, speaking of big boobs, rivet is now a Sabre. Enjoy the Buffalo winters ya n00b.

The HZA said...

Things Russia produces: pop stars and vodka. Uhhh thanks?

anastacia said...

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