Friday, September 12, 2008

He's 37? He Plays Center? We'll Take Him!

This is how the whole Cindy Crawford mole thing got hot.

Bob Gainey made a little end of week splash by acquiring Robert Lang, Jessica Lange's

King Kong and Dustin Hoffman should soon follow in a sequence of trades that will complete the Habs' fourth line.

Sundin is now mathematically out of the plans. Unless he arrives via the trade route and the Via Dolorosa, cross and all. We make him suffer for what we've endured.

Take out the dingy cause Mats you're dead to me.


HabsFan29 said...

Shit we've got to start coordinating posts better

HabsFan4 said...

That's what a blogger comes up with when a GM makes a trade as one is just about to leave the office for the weekend.

HabsFan29 said...

Even though my post is buried, Gang Bang Lang is his nickname til something better comes along

HabsFan4 said...

I think it's cool that within 10 mins of this story breaking, the FHF's all over it and throws 2 posts up on the topic.

I love us. We rock my world.

Matt - Fear The Collapse said...

Hockeynews picked us the finish first in teh east, some other mags did the same...yada yada yada. Am I the only one who has looked at our D? I am not positive on who is available but couldn't the Lang money have been better spent on someone to play with Hamrlik?? Now we are stuck with breezeby? Dear Lord. We have an above average 3 defencemen and a below average 3 defencemen (sorry Gorges lovers). This D is mediocre. An upgrade was needed there, instead we got 2 new forwards and forward was already a strong position..........fear the collapse

Matt - Fear The Collapse said...

Fuck - I have to 'defend' this move to Leaf fans. I know the Leafs suck, but believe it or not Leaf fans are aware of this. The Habs are supposed to be can I justify Breezeby? How? How???

Sonia said...

@Matt - If you get grief from Leafs fans for the Breezer signing, you only need two words to shut them up: Jeff Finger.

HockeyTownTodd said...

Looking forward to pre-season hockey?

Canadiens at Detroit Sept 24
Detroit in Montreal Sept 30

Montreal needed offense, and it was a good pick-up.
They are going to be at the top in the East. You can count on Carbonneau and Gainey to make proper use of his strong points. He is a good clutch player, a Vet who can counsel the younger players in tough circumstances. His style of no-wasted-motion
has been misinterpreted by fans of waterbug style hockey. Lang never got enough ice time in Detroit unless there were injuries, and he is a player that needs a lot of ice time to stay in the groove. He has always played smart.

Habitforming said...

@ HockeytownTodd

As the Highest scoring team in the league they just added Tanguay as well as 20 lbs of muscle per player (Laraque) and Montreal needed Offense????

Lang needs ice time to produce... and he'll get more in Montreal then he did in CHI????

Did you hit your fucking head today ????

fezworth said...

@habitforming: It doesn't really matter at this point if he produces or not. He has the best nickname since Big & Little Tits, which makes him ok on this board.

In hockey terms, he's one of those 'veteran' players we keep hearing about. Basically, his job is to shut the hell up about his ice time and not get scored on, while the young kids learn how to put the puck in the back of the net. Works for me!

Fuck Mats. Pants. Go Hockey.

Le Roadrunner said...

Good move by Gainey. We'll have 3 good attacking lines.

Brisebois is only there as 7th defender. No problem.

The question is who will be the 4th centre: Chipchura or Lapierre? And who will be the wingers on that 4th line: Laraque and Begin? Kostopoulos? Gregory Stewart?

Oh and Fuck you Mats.

Le Roadrunner said...

We're not really better than last year are we?

Streit, Ryder, Huet, Smolinski out.

Tanguay, Lang, Laraque in.

Who will be the other point man on the power play?

Scott in Montreal said...

Koivu would have been unhappy having to make good with Mats anyway - no love lost between the two I'm sure (especially considering the international hockey competitions they've been such bitter rivals in). Mats can get fat and bald and grow old now if that's all he wants to do. Thank Bob for acting before training camp starts.

Ian Vitro said...

Fucking Brisebois. Fuck fuck fuck. Let's find him and take him out for the season.

Gangbang Lang is a fine acquisition I think but I think I would have been happier paying Streit $4M if we could have convinced Carbo to keep him on defence.

Montréaliste1 said...

You guys are bitchy wit breezer, may I remind you he's only d-man no. 7. He's better than most lower third d-man in the league. And he's got experience.

And remember his goal against Boston.

Sonia said...

In Lang the Habs get a 3rd line centre who can step up to top-2 line duty in case of injury. Remember the Boston series when the Habs went Koivu-less for the 1st 5 games? The 1st game went OK, but then they struggled mightily. And with Pleks playing like a little girl (still cracks me up...) they had to get all their scoring from the checking line... and Breezer.

Le P'tit Viking said...

Is anyone else trying to buy Habs tickets online today?

The fucking website doesn't fucking work.

Fuck you Gillett.

matt - fear the collapse said...

@ viking
Yes I have been having real problems trying to get into the ticket site. Why the fuck did they try to run the ticket selling on their own? I never had problems last year when ran the tickets............fuck!!!

davidspeller said...

Ticket sales now postponed till Wednesday the 17th, oh and fuck you Mats.