Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Montreal's defense remains solid and underrated" - Bleacher Report

Bananas are solid and underrated as a fruit

So in the absence of our own preview in the near future (it's coming, we swear, as soon as we get a new supply of meth), we'll be taking a critical look this week at what the rest of the interwebs and MSM are saying about Nos Glorieux. Today, Internet sports site Bleacher Report.

So BR, in their Northeast division preview, says that the Habs will win the division with 101 points. The offense will be better with Tanguay (the post was written pre-Lang) and the D is solid and underrated. The golatending is suspect if Price doesn't stay healthy. It all seems like a pretty reasonable, if pedantic and lame, preview.

Oh, and for FHF commentor Terry O'Reilly, BR has the B's fourth and a "surprising disappointment." It's a fact.


Terry O'Reilly said...

I'll take 4th place.

Go B's

HabsFan29 said...

@ T.O. - sorry, I should have specified in the division, not the conference. Ahead of only the Laffs.

fezworth said...

Bo G's indeed. Way to think positive there, Terry.

Ian Vitro said...

See what T.O. thinks of Ryder after his stank ass scores 8 goals in the first 40 games of the season, and then gets benched. Again.

I don't see anything about Boston being a disappointment as "surprising." Now, when the Bruins finished 2nd in the division and the Habs picked them off in the first round (with a significantly worse roster than we have now), that would have maybe qualified as a "surprising disappointment." But they sucked last year, they'll suck this year, and no one should be surprised at all.

I still want Schneider now that he's cleared. He can play point, and then we can drop Breezerpaloser on waivers...

Stud Muffin said...

We have solid offensive people, average goalies and average defenseman.
4th in the East.
Stanley Cup for Detroit and next year will be now or never is we sip the Cup in our 100th year anniversary.
Greak marketing ploy by the Canadiens to celbrate the 100th year anniversary one year earlier so we can all spend so much money on tickets and merchandise when the team is doing well.

Flying Toaster said...

Well it's not really a year earlier... See their anniversary is the year 2009. And as i see it, there's a lot more 09 this season than there will be in the next. So it only makes sense to celebrate it now doesn't it? It's like, you celebrate someone being 18 on their 18th birthday, not a few months down the road. 2009 is the year of their anniversary, now's the time to celebrate.

Hell, if beer is involved, it's ALWAYS time to celebrate.