Friday, September 12, 2008

We've got some good news and some bad news. And one last time, Fuck You Mats

Let's get the bad news out of the way. Habs have resigned Breezer to a one year deal. Whatever.

Now the good news. Habs have acquired a 37 year-old scoring center from Europe. It ain't Mats. It's Robert Lang, acquired from the Blackhawks for a second round pick in 2010 (the one we got from the Laffs in the Grabs trade). Lang has 50+ points in the last 8 seasons, and I am pretty sure he was an All Star when he played for one of his 300 teams.

To us, this is a sure sign Bob has given up on Mats. Well done. Fuck you Mats. Go suck rocks in New York. Gang Bang Lang is in town.


HabsFan4 said...

Gang Bang Lang. Oh how I love that name. He sounds like a Vietnamese whore.

J.T. said...

Or the kind of ugly cheerleader who only made the squad because she...took the heat off the pretty girls.

eyebleaf said...

it's Leafs, not Laffs.

Steven said...

It may be spelled Leafs, but I'm pretty sure it's pronounced laffs eyebleaf. Oh and fuck you Mats! Fuck you and your uncle fester bald fucking head!!!v Lang?? Raelly... FUCK!