Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sundin enjoying summer sports so much he can't be bothered with this hockey thing

Fuck, we know, another Sundin post. We know you prefer sportscaster lesbian erotica (see next post down if that phrase shocked you), but we guess this is news. Maybe. Sort of.

Sundin had a press conference in Sweden today and announced "I will not make up my mind before the season starts."

Whatever. Fuck you, Mats.


Habsfan10 said...

Fuck. Him. FUCK HIM FUCK HIM FUCK HIM. I want him to sign ANYWHERE else, just so I can go to a game and boo his motherfucking ass until I'm hoarse.

If he signs in Montreal, there won't be one bit of rejoicing from me ... only "after all this, you'd better be delivering a Cup, or your a fucking dead man" blog rants and heaps of abuse whenever he even dreams about having a bad game.

Ian Vitro said...

If he signs, I'm going to find out where he's staying and light bags of dog poop on fire on his doorstep. Or possibly human poop.

J.T. said...

OH, but he has a RIGHT to take his time. He's not COMMITTED to anyone, so he can't be DISAPPOINTING anyone. It's like a hot chick saying, "I know I flashed you and made you think I'd put out, but I can't decide if I want to be naked or not. But, since I'm not going out with anyone, no one has a right to be disappointed." Yeah right. Whatever, Mats. You can't tease us, even vicariously through your, agent...and expect us not to be disappointed when you dither.

panger76 said...

What do you guys expect from a Leaf? HF10 I agree, if he does decide to sign he better win us a Cup - otehrwise I'll light his whole damn house on fire*.

*Not really. Remember, we're lawyers.

hmanpuckfan said...

"I will not make up my mind before the season starts."

Not only will he not make up his mind before the season starts, he won't make up his mind ONCE the season starts and AFTER the season starts. He probably thinks that he is better than Selanne & Niedermeyer and won't sign until he determines what team that is headed for the playoffs has the best chance of winning the Cup. He'll sign for pennies, come in win his Cup and finally retire on top.
I hope he makes a huge mistake and signs with a team that gets bump out on its collective ass in the 2ND ROUND!!!!!! (San Jose? Ottawa? Your pick here...) that'll teach his sorry ass to mess with The Hockey Gods!!!! Fucker!!!!

lawyergirl77 said...

10 - I couldn't agree with you more.

I hope he signs with ANYONE ELSE so that I can go and boo his ass like it has never been booed when he plays here. That? Would be genius.

And this isn't JUST because I'm bitter he hasn't signed with us. Shockingly enough, I agree with the Laffs fans in this - he's being a dick either way. While I don't think he owes the Leafs anything, I do agree that by being a fucking prima donna and not doing any kind of training or even DEIGNING to join the team that His Majesty will anoint as his blessed team before, you know, the fucking season starts is horseshit.

Plus, that picture of him in all his toolisnhess in a Jays uniform has made me officially lose my shit. Asshat.

(Panger and ian vitro... I'll bring the lighter.*)

* Not really. I'm a lawyer too.

Doogie2K said...

I almost don't want this Sundin nonsense to end, if for no other reason than the fact that it produces such entertaining vitriol 'round these parts. Like Zero Punctuation, FHF is funnier when you're really angry.

fezworth said...

ohh, a zero punctuation link. Well played sir.

Terry O'Reilly said...

Win you the cup? Sidney Crosby couldn't win you the cup.

Habs will finish 9th as they stand. Sundin might help them squeak into the playoffs.

Go B's.

Habsfan10 said...

Man, win a couple playoff games and the Broons fans get all cocky ... good. I like when Broons fans talk tough. It's no fun to beat on a sissy.

bob said...

Maybe the Ryder acquisition spurs hope all over Beantown.

It's about time these fucking guys show a pulse.

StudMuffin said...

Fuck off Mats!
Never trust a Swede!
You fuckin lying son a bitch you!

Chumplet said...

So... like, if I email Mats and ask him to read my hockey romantic suspense novel and endorse it, you guys will burn it, right?

I have to think of another hockey player. One who can read English. This promo stuff is hard!