Monday, September 22, 2008

"Montreal has no glaring holes" - TSN

So in the absence of our own preview in the near future (it's coming, we swear, as soon as we get a new supply of meth), we'll be taking a critical look this week at what the rest of the interwebs and MSM are saying about Nos Glorieux. Today, we take a look at what TSN said about the Habs in their "6 cities in 6 days" series.

You can find the video of it here. We would love to embed it for you but TSN thinks it's 2003 and needs to protect its content. In the video, Darren Dregher basically says the city is buzzing "in anticpiation of a championship" and that the Habs have no weaknesses. He obviously hasn't heard that Breezer resigned. With the signing of Lang, Habs have depth at center. Whatever you say. He also lies when he says Habs have 6 solid D. I find that conclusion questionable. We have 3 quality D and 3 serviceable ones at best. That's our glaring hole.

The lovely lady above is the same towel-y goodness you can find on HF10's Habs preview for MYFO. Why haven't you read it yet? For shame.


hmanpuckfan said...

Excuse me, Miss. May I borrow your towel? I just hit a water buffalo!

Thank You!!!

Oh yeah, the preview was FHF at its finest. Thank you 10!

Flying Toaster said...

Hmm, i wouldn't say we have 3 serviceable ones at best... I mean when you think about it, our last duo of defenders is composed of Bouillon and Gorges. So if that's our worst defensive pairing i think we're in good shape. Of course, i'd prefer to see Valentenko as 7th D-man instead of Brisebois but he didn't damage the team TOO much last year.

Fingers crossed the Habs score enough goals to cover up his blunders.