Monday, September 29, 2008

Reggie Dunlop: 1925-2008

You've surely heard that iconic actor Paul Newman passed away this weekend at the age of 83. Newman was a philanthropist, devoted husband, racing enthusiast and all-around good guy who was generally acknowledged as one of the greatest actors of all time, with seminal performances in Cool Hand Luke, The Hustler, The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Colour of Money. But to hockey fans everywhere, he will be fondly remembered as the lynchpin of the Chiefs, foul-mouthed, old-time hockey loving player-coach Reggie Dunlop.

Laying bounties on Tim McCracken. Lying to Dickie Duff about the sale to Florida. Sleeping with Hanrahan's lesbian wife. Giving the Hansen's their big break. Loving the fact that Lily undelines the fuck scenes for Braden. Going up to Minnesota with all his guys. Reggie, like Paul, was one of a kind. Newman made Slapshot the best hockey movie ever.

Got a favourite Reggie (or Slapshot in general) quote? Of course you do. Let's hear them in the comments. Personally, I always loved:

"They brought their FUCKIN TOYS WITH 'EM!"

The perfect balance of incredulity, disdain and outright malice. Newman = everyman = Reggie. RIP. You'll live forever in dressing rooms, in bars, on jumbotrons, blogs, and whereever else hockey is getting watched, discussed, agonized over, quoted and loved.


Habsfan10 said...

"They teach you to underline in college."

"Not the fuck scenes they don't!"

The lit major in me always loved that one too.

HabsFan29 said...

"Dunlop you suck cock"

"All I can get"

Anonymous said...

Slapshot is the only movie in the history of moviemaking that was actually improved by being dubbed into another language - and not just any language, but le vrai Joual.

"Suzanne suce des plottes tu sais Hey hanrahan, Suzanne ct’une lesbienne, a me l’a dit l’autre jour Une lesbienne, une lesbienne"!

Bob said...

Reggie Dunlop (player/coach):
You mean you could sell us, but you won't?
Anita McCambridge (Chief's owner):
I could probably sell you, but I can't.
RD: Well you know, uh we're human beings, you know.
AM: I have to confess I've never let the children watch a hockey game. I have a theory that children imitate what they see on a TV screen. If they see violence, they'll become violent. If they see someone stick up a bank, they'll stick up a bank. Heroin. You name it.
RD: You're fucked!
AM: What?
RD: You are totally fucked! You're garbage for letting us all go down the drain.
AM: Are you serious?
RD: You know, your son looks like a fag to me.
AM: I beg your pardon?
RD: You better get re-married again, or he's gonna have someone's cock in his mouth before you can say Jack Robinson.
AM: How dare you! How dare you!

Jim Carr (TV sport show host):
Hi, Jim Carr again. Denis, I know that some in our audience don't know the finer points of hockey. Could you tell them, for example, what is icing?
Denis Lemieux (Chiefs goalie):
Well, um, icing happen when the puck come down, bang you know, before the other guys you know. Nobody there, you know. My arm go comes up then the game stop then start up.
JC: I see. What is high-sticking?
DL: High-sticking happen when the guy take the stick, you know, and he go like that
DL: you know. You don't do that.
JC: You don't do that?
DL: Oh no, never, never.
JC: Why not?
DL: Against the rules. You know, you're stupid when you do that. Just some English pig with no brains, you know.
JC: Uh, what is slashing?
DL: Slashing is um, like that
DL: you know.
JC: Mm-hmm. And there's a penalty for that?
DL: Yeah and for the trip also, you know like that
DL: . And for hook like this
DL: . And for spear, you know, like that.
DL: You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.

Number31 said...

RIP Newman. You guys are all stealing my quotes so I'll say his salad dressing is awesome and (in Quebec) the profits go to Sun Youth.

Oh, I got one.

"Hi. You know Toe Blake? No?"

Anonymous said...

From Cool Hand Luke

"I can eat 50 eggs!"

hmanpuckfan said...

"Way to go, Ned! Way to go!"

hmanpuckfan said...

McCracken: "I hear $100 you'll crack my skull!"

Braden: " I wouldn't crack your knuckles for $100!"