Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, September 23rd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of getting arrested for crack in a public restroom...
  • Well, that was not a very good beginning to the Drive for 25. Habs get outshot a million to one and lose 8-3 to the B's in their Exhibition opener. Habs give up 5 PP goals. That can't be good. Big Tits got into a fight. That can't be good either. Fear the collapse, people;
  • While TMS despises the B's with the passion of a thousand suns (which is not as much as HF10 who hates them with the passion of infinite suns), we're still happy for Patrice Bergeron, who returned from his season-ending concussion with a goal and three assists;
  • Ben Maxwell shone for the Habs on a line with Tanguay and Max Pack. Some dude named Mike "The Glue" Glumac scored. We have never heard of him.
Habs right back at it tonight against the Sabres.


Terry O'Reilly said...

It's gonna be a long cold winter in Montreal.

Joe said...

I went to that game. Kostitsyn really was disinterested in the fight.

Begin vs. Thornton was entertaining - at one point his strategy was to let Thornton push his head down to the ice, from which position he pulled himself back up to land a few shots, only to go down again before the refs broke it up. He had a huge smile on his face on the way to the penalty box...

I didn't see much of Pleks and the Tits line though; the prospects got a lot of ice time. Tanguay did fairly well on the point on the PP.

matt - fear the collapse said...

Let's hope they were saving their legs for the game tonight. It looks like the game is going to be covered nationally on CBC. Don't want to embarass ourselves like that on national TV

Bob said...

@ T.O.

Looks like you were not sleeping in class. Winter is indeed colder and a bit longer in Montreal than Boston. Fortunatly for us we don't spend our whole winter sleeping like bears do.

Habsfan1993 said...

Whatevs. Pre-season means Jack Squat. Neither team was playing with an NHL roster. When the Habs lose 8-3 to the Ruins in the regular season, then I'll worry.

Terry O'Reilly said...

Some facts:

1. Carey Price is the next Sean Burke.

2. Your Russians will have such a lousy season you will think "what the hell were we thinking when we thought those guys were champion material".

3. Carbo is not a good coach. He will fight with someone (like Kovalav 2 years ago and Ryder last year).

4. Teams will figure out how to stop your powerplay. And that will be that.

5. 10th in the East.

Tom said...

"4. Teams will figure out how to stop your powerplay. And that will be that."

They've been trying to stop it for two years now. No one's been able to stop it.

First it was because of Souray. Then because of Kovalev and Streit. Face it, as long as teams can't keep up with our speed, we'll keep getting powerplays, and keep scoring on them.

Araev16 said...

Eh, no one in the world wants to see the Habs lose more than I do, but picking them as 10th is a little much. B's are more likely to end up 10th. Habs are going to be good this season. You don't have to like them to admit that.

Plus, the only way a rivalry is worth anything is if both teams are decent (Playoff bound).

fezworth said...

Some Facts:

1. Ice is green.

2. There are seven rabbits.

3. 2+^ = Cans.

4. Terry O'reilly eats smelly jock straps.

5. 4th in the South-North

6. Pants.

hmanpuckfan said...

Hmmmmmm, after one preseason/exibition game in which half the lineup is going to be in Hamilton or back to Juniors, it is amazing to see the haters come on and predict what the year has planned for us. I guess we might as well just put it on paper and not play the season. BTW, T.O., the Bruins will be great again when they get an owner who cares more about hockey than the dollar.

Araev16 said...

Money doesn't always buy Cups. ( Rangers)

And for the record the B's have the 2nd highest payroll in the league last time I checked. Habs are approx 18th. Furthermore, Sinden/Jacobs predicted the collapse the lead to the most recent lockout due to paying players crazy amounts of money. Exercising fiscal responsibility shouldn't make you a villain. This is a business.

While I'm not the biggest fan of Jacobs either, paying players gobs of money is not the most important ingredient to making a championship team.