Thursday, September 04, 2008

How Bad Does the Big Owe Suck?

From this angle, the Big Owe almost looks good.

For any new readers out there, FHF started out of a desire to share our sometimes funny, occasionally insightful, and usually smart-assed email exchanges. Yesterday we discussed the Habs' plans to host a 100th anniversary game at the Olympic Stadium. We're split on whether it's a good idea.

HF4: Horrible idea.

HF29: I don't think its so bad. Finally some use out of that toilet bowl.

HF4: That's the best idea they could come up with?

Panger: Where else are you going to do it? Molson Stadium is smaller than the Bell Centre, as is Saputo Stadium.

HF29: Plus all the Mob bodies buried under Saputo Stadium make it bad luck.

Panger: Don't joke, they could be my cousins.

HF29: So far good idea is winning 2-1. HF10, care to settle this?

HF10: It's a tie. Horrible idea.

Just because they can fill a bigger venue doesn't mean they should. Playing in a dome? A lousy dome with horrible acoustics, sightlines, concessions, etc? No way. The Canadiens deserve better. Besides, isn't the whole idea of the Winter Classic to PLAY OUTSIDE?

Buffalo and Edmonton worked awesome. When Michigan and Michigan State did it at Spartan stadium it was awesome. Why? Outside, big venue, clean football sightlines. Frankly, I think Wrigley might be a disaster but we'll see.

I also think the NHL needs to take a break from this ... after this year, any more of these games are getting to be piling on, especially if your not offering a unique venue. The Big O is not the go-to venue. Get Detroit and Toronto in Michigan Stadium with 100,000 people. Do the Battle of Pennsylvania at Penn State with 105,000. Get Chicago vs somebody at Notre Dame. Rangers vs Bruins at Harvard or Fenway.

Panger: The Big O is a dump. I’d prefer a venue with some kind of link to the team’s past, but the Forum is out, Westmount Arena is tiny, and their other homes have burnt down and the land they’re on doesn’t present the opportunity to host it there (as far as I know). There is really no other choice other than the Big Owe, and apparently it will be outdoors because the roof will be off. I just hope a chunk doesn’t fall off and kill My Boy Chips – hopefully they’ll play the Bruins and it’ll hit Jeremy Jacobs.

Maybe the outdoor idea isn’t fresh and exciting anymore. And I know the Habs (and NHL) will make a ton of money on this, but I’d prefer to think of this game as about hockey history, and the obvious way to emphasize that is to play outdoors. It’s also about the Canadiens celebrating a huge milestone with its fans – and significantly more fans will be able to watch and participate in a bigger venue in a unique atmosphere. Bottom line is that I can’t think of a better idea, nor have I heard one. Plus I miss the Expos.

That's our take. What about you?


Habsfan10 said...

If Jenna Fischer is going to be there, it's a FUCKING FANTASTIC IDEA.

Habsfan10 said...

Wait, the Big Owe was in that picture?

HF29 aka HH29 said...

for some reason the Big Owe tower looks much more phallic in that photo. not sure why.

as for the actual game, i still believe that the more people we can have watching a game the better. sure, the Big Owe sucks, but it's the only choice we've got

Anonymous said...

Youppi's home coming ! Go for it.

P. I'd rather JJacobs stays alive, just like I love CFletcher running the Laughs.

Number31 said...

At the same time, or maybe over the summer, Habs could hold some street festivals/street hockey games in front of the location of the burnt down arenas of lore and the Forum. I mean, it's Montreal. Not like we don't close streets.

I'd rather have Molson Stadium, even if it's smaller. At least you can watch from the mountain (sort of) or a tall building (I think).

Oh well. Bonus: Youppi comes home! So long as said falling chunks don't fall on any Habs, I'm ok with it.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Fantastic idea! The Habs could draw inspiration from all of those gold medals Canada won in '76!

Oh. Wait.

Well, at least the Labatt 50 will be lukewarm.

Sandra Cormier said...

You mean people are actually looking at The Big Owe in that picture?

Great movie, by the way.

It seems Maple Leaf Gardens will finally be used Monday night for a children's charity hosted by Matt Damon.

Anonymous said...

Playing the Olympic Stadium, with 60000 seats, tickets could be at reasonable price for everybody's wallet. Imagine how it would cost to attend the game if they'd play the Molson Stadium. There wouldn't be a ticket under 250$...