Thursday, September 11, 2008

A long Awaited Retirement Ceremony is Upon Us

They gave him a watch when he retired, but they knew they shoulda done more. They knew you don't treat this man the way you would a retiring insurance salesman.

The Montreal Canadiens are going to correct a long-standing injustice and embarrassment to the sport of hockey and the city of Montreal by proceeding with an important retirement ceremony on November 22.

Serge Boisvert, who wore the famous number 12, will gather with his family at center ice and watch his number rise to the rafters alongside the banners belonging to Dickie Moore and Yvan Cournoyer.

Canadiens' president Pierre Boivin summed up the team's choice in offering this explanation: "We retired Dickie and the Roadrunner, we shouldn't have done that without honouring Serge. I mean Dickie and Yvon wore the number 12, but Serge WAS the number 12. It was a huge oversight on behalf of our team and we just couldn't let this go on. Serge has a family, they were all very hurt, devastated really by what I consider to be the darkest stain on this organization's past. We do things right around here, and not retiring Serge Boisvert's number just makes us look like a cracker jack organization."

The Legends of Hockey website has this to say about this great #12:

"Right-winger Serge Boisvert was a creative offensive player who played 46 NHL games in the 1980s."

How about that.

46 games in which he gave it his all, the most incredible 46-game effort in team history. Congratulations, Serge. Thank the Lord, I thought they were going to retire someone else.


HabsFan29 said...

Oh I remember Serge. The fluid skating, the vision on the ice, the quick release snap shot, the ability to lace up his own skates - he had it all. Well deserved.

Someone else can fuck himself.

J.T. said...

It's about time. Larry Robinson specifically mentioned Serge in the part of his book in which he talks about the 1986 Cup. That's good enough for me.

Limerick Dude said...

So they've decided to retire #33
They must be outta their fuckin' tree
Since Gainey took Roy under his wing
When he used to speak with Dong and Ding
He knows he's a crazy-assed mutha fucka who's likely to friggin' well snap at any moment and sick his son Jonathon on Jimmy the retarded parking lot attendant so he's doing it so Roy doesn't go postal on his or anybody within a gigmile radius's ass, you see!

*hey i didn't say i was good.*

Habsfan10 said...

I remember Dick Irvin calling a fluke Boisvert goal "the shovel-shot." Master of the shovel-shot, was Boisvert. Long may he reign.

salparadise44 said...

I will say unequivocally, and without any irony that I loved Serge Boisvert. I thought he was great. He was no Mats Naslund, but he was a little speedster that gave a little guy like me hope. He's no Dickie Moore, or Cournoyer...or even a Mike Keane...but the #12 for the Habs reminds me of Boisvert as well.