Thursday, September 11, 2008

TMS Rants: Fuck Videotron and Fuck the CRTC they can suck my dick

So a couple of weeks ago we started seeing commercials for TSN2. We really didn't know what the fuck this was, but damn it sounded at least interesting. More poker and lumberjack sports? Giddyup! Alas, a quick inquiry to our cable or satellite provider (Videotron) about the availability of said channel yielded this response (actual email, though we edited some more bullshit out for length):


Thank you for taking the time to write us concerning the channel TSN 2

This channel is not currently available with our illico service. At the moment, we have no information concerning its future availability.

Each month, there are new channels which become available as well as international channels already in service and which may be in demand. The cable companies have the advantage of being able to offer a more innovative selection of products than the those offered by direct satellite signal, as well as being able to offer a more stable signal reception. But we must also face certain restrictions in the choice of available channels.

Thank you for your understanding.

Here's what we understand, fuckfaces. We're held prisoner by the CRTC who won't let us watch ESPN or HBO. You can get ESPN in Cuba, for fuck's sake. TSN - the test tube baby of ESPN and the CRTC - does something to make our lives more bearable and our cable or satellite provider who also holds us prisoner tells us to fuck right off if we want to watch it. While they're sending us a form letter telling us to fuck right off, they take the opportunity to get a dig in at their "competition". Their only "restrictions" are their monopolisitcally inflated profit margins. This latest shit just reminds us that the cable TV system in this country is a fucking joke.

Good morning sunshine.


KRaZykeV said...

Cable is a joke in the US too!!

Anonymous said...

Rogers cable gave me the same shitty form letter in response to my request to have RDS HD added to my $120.00 per month channel line up.
Funny how the satellite companies both offer RDS in HD, but Rogers, says they can't come to an agreement with the same channel. So, I just have to suck it up, and pay for a six channel package just to get the regular feed for RDS.
As usual, the consumer gets hosed.

Unsatisfied Habs fan in Toronto

Limerick Dude said...

In my little part of the world, I don't get RDS HD, but can purchase RDS separately for $2.95/month. TSN2 is now available, for the same cost I believe.

Limerick Dude

Habitforming said...

I live in Ontario and I can't speak french, but I can drive to the front doors of the Bell Centre in 1 hr 45 mins (2 and a half hrs to Toronto's ACC),plus I have the biggest Military AirBase in Canada 15 minutes away (Bilingual I might add), and cannot get RDS as a cable option for my $130+ per month. I got the same lame ass response you guys did at FHF and I find it sickening. The major factor in this response when talking to my local cable company (Cogeco)in person had more to do with the majority of the local population NOT speaking french.... in a country that has TWO official languages, why is this not considered a form of discrimination?

Montréaliste1 said...

Tabernacle, en forme à 6 h du mat ! Hope you took time to have a second cup of coffee.

But you are right. It pisses me off the most when I have to go check out the superbolw ads online. Or have to rent Dave Chapelle's dvds.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, I know several folks here in the States who have Canadian dishes. Seems to be a grey area legally - there's no law in the States against having one but there are issues for the Canadian company selling them (though enforcement must be a joke since you can just google the companies and get in touch with them).

Doogie2K said...

@Habitforming: I believe I was in or near your town not too long ago. Weird.

J lover of liverpool said...

they told me the same fucking thing about Setanta. Setanta is available on every fucking channel except for Videotron. They show all of the English premiership matches plus a whack load of other donkey dick things. It's a $15 a month charge and people will gladly pay it. Right now if I want to watch a match I have to go to the pub and end up having 12 pints and dropping a hundred bucks and falling asleep on the street. $15 is a huge savings for me.
Videotron is shit. Unless you're looking for granny fucking porn in french which they have a huge catalog of. donkey fuckers.

David A. Giles said...

Nice rant! Cable does suck.

Having said that, for my $97/month plus taxes, I get both TSN2 and RDS (have had them for a while - along with FOX News - w00t!) along with my super high speed internet connection. I guess some things are better in the west :)

Go Habs!