Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Weekend Open Thread of Love

As "Desiree" and I were hitting the meth last night, it occurred to me that this weekend was going to be a lazy one around Casa del 29. The weather here in Montreal is gross. So we'll be hanging out watching golf (seriously! Kim vs. Sergio, gonna be awesome) and we'll see if my Florida Gators can make a statement they should be in the #1 discussion. And of course a big slate of NFL games tomorrow while I watch my pool hopes get dashed in week 4.

ANYWAY, I figured if anyone else was out there being lazy they should have a place to make comments about anything. Or, you know, hockey. Hey, did you hear the Habs won last night? Our best effort so far, 5-0 against the Sens. We had the Danse à 10 line and a bunch of prospects, they had most of their real lineup. Big Tits and Markov had 1G 2A each, and Halak went all the way for the SO. Habs 3 for 6 on the PP (Streit who?). And it was spirited - The Subbanator did nicely in one of four fights on the night, and in his usual quote-machine way, said his mom wouldn't like it.

Habs and Sens go back at it tonight, and for all you lucky folks with TSN2 (fuck you, Videotron!), you can check out all the action. Habs play again on Sunday against the Panthers. Go ahead and comment on those games if you're into it. But don't forget, this is the open thread of love so you gotta be nice. Hahaha, we kid. You think we could go 48 hours without being snarky? I think not.


Bob said...

First things first, I’m not sure if something’s wrong with me but this pic is great, I liked the Bud Wise Her all over her, but this one surely get’s a FHF top ten pic.

Wow, HF29’s rant made it all the way to Pierre Boivin’s office!
They changed the Bell Center Beer, new glasses the whole nine yards, the beer is even worst than it was, like if that was possible, they must put all sort of chemical shit in it because it looks and tastes like the ACC draught beer and it doesn’t go crazy on the foam anymore.

But the best fucking thing they now sell you Molson EX king cans in honour of Tomas Plecanette in the stands. Way to go 29, that’s what we call influence.

I could go on and praise the new jumbotron (amazing big fucking HD screen) and the Tits brother and Marky, but I’ll stop here for now.

Habs threw a great house warming party.

HabsFan29 said...

@bob - I have the power! Im going next wednesday with HF4 to the Broons I'm psyched to see the jumbotron

So you go out of the way to post the hottest picture on a sports blog on a Saturday morning and then Deadspin goes and publishes this

lawyergirl77 said...

God, that picture is even turning *me* on...

... almost as much as the beeyouutifuuul glory that is the Habs' new HD screen at the Bell Centre.

Mr. LG77 and I sat there gawking at the screen when we first saw it. You know the difference between your little piece of shit tv you had in university as compared to the beautiful flat-screen either you or one of your sports-obessed buddies how has?

Yeah, that tv that your sports obsessed buddy has now looks like the shitty tv from college compared to the Bell Center's screen.


Last night's game was awesome, by the way. I love exhibition games where the number of goals is lower than the number of fights... And the Stewart - Desharnais - D'Agostini line was seriously kicking ass. I was shocked at how they were doing all of the little things right, even when they were matched up against frickin' Spezza's line!! Something to watch...

Finally, just 'cause it can't be said enough, FUCK YOU NEIL YOU DOUCHE. (He's inching closer to Avery in the LG77 shit list ranking. Asshat.)

Flying Toaster said...

Chips scored a goal, how awesome is that?

HabsFan29 said...

any one of you TSN2 people see the game last night? what happened?

Number31 said...

I watched it online. Chips was the best man out there (highest faceoff percentage, worked his arse off, first shot on goal and scores). Basically Habs kids ran rings around Ottawa's regular roster. Powerplay didn't work, but neither did Ottawa's. Other than that, good work by the kids, poor job by the O's... And Desjardins stopped all 9 shots again in the 3rd while the entire line of Sens crashed into Gerber. (My Benny Hill moment of the night).

Timmy said...

Well, I didn't see the game last night, but I did get a signed Koivu jersey from my family... In the words of Steve Begin, "C'est bon."

Timmy said...

I'm not sure what to think about the new goal song... Simple Plan??? I think U2's tougher than those guys. Maybe it will grow on me when I hear it for the 8th time the first game against the Leafs.

Zdeno Chara said...

You're all cheering a loss! You sound like Leafs fans.

Go Bs.