Monday, February 08, 2010



Rumours about a major change in the Habs' front office began last night. It seems as is General Manager Bob Gainey is leaving the team. The terms are not clear at the moment.

President Pierre Boivin is making the announcement at 4pm today.

Pierre Gauthier will replace Gainey on an interim basis.

The timing couldn't be stranger. Days before the trading deadline, is this Gainey saying that he's just not capable of making the deals he's been after? So many hunts for a big fish that have come up dry. One tight race for the last playoff spot after another, year after year.

One thing is very interesting, Carey Price just lost his biggest supporter.

Let's just see if from this perspective. There have been many moves. Some were good, some not so good, but on a whole, nobody can question Bob Gainey's dedication, value and sacrifice for this organization of the last 35 years. He's been a staple in Montreal and for this we thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

HF29 edit - yours truly just got the call from CBC, I'll be on Daybreak tomorrow morning at 7:15 AM to discuss this. Tell me your opinions people, I'll shock the world with 'em.


HabsFan4 said...

Crap our header's gotta change.

HabsFan29 said...

it's ok the header's needed changing for a while now

why now? i really don't get it.

fezworth said...

And who's going to replace Bob? Interesting stuff

L Dude said...

Do we have to show him respect if McSplooge becomes our GM?

Are there other candidates out there? Tallon? Martin? Roy?
All scary thoughts in their own right.

L Dude said...

McKenzie twittering that Bob Gainey is stepping down as GM of the Canadiens. Pierre Gauthier is taking over.

Moey said...


If I recall, Bob's contract ends in 2010. Now if there are no plans to re-sign him, better he leaves before the trade deadline? If I was Bob, that's what I would do.

Boob Gainey said...

Pierre Gauthier is already assistant GM so not a major shake-up.

No, the major shake-up, and it's about time, is the return of the live organist at the Bell Ctr., and the elimination of all the NBA style entertainment shit that distracts from the game.

And Boreale beer on tap instead of Molson Ex.

hfotwc said...

Mc Slooge for GM? My die-hard Habs addiction will have to quarantine.

Boob Gainey said...

Oh well.

So long Bob and good luck.

You served the organization with dignity and you did build an exciting team for about 6 months in 2008.

Habsfan10 said...

There must be something more to it. This timing is too crazy for a team this fragile. Why not wait another week until everyone is paying attention to the Olympics and this gets sort of buried? This team's pr department is fucking terrible.

moeman said...

Merci Bob.

gillis said...

In Bob I Trusted...

HabsFan4 said...

10, this is Montreal, nothing gets buried.

Front page: Gainey Gone

See inside: China explodes.

L Dude said...

Oddly, I feel the same way about Gainey I do for Price. I really WANT him to excel at his job because I think he can. But in the end, it's just not getting done. With Gainey, it's hard separating the 'best 2 way player in the world' from the meh GM.
With Price, it seems that world junior shootout win, followed by the Memorial Cup and AHL victories were just yesterday. He SHOULD be able to play that game at THIS level. But maybe it's not meant to be in Montreal.

And so maybe Uncle Bobby, unable/unwilling to trade his golden boy, is stepping down to let somebody else do it.

FireGainey said...

Thank God, its about fucking time.

Eat shit Bob,

Fire Gainey

lawyergirl77 said...

Holy fucking shit, you guys!

You wouldn't believe what's happened today! See, I've been bitchslapped by the mother of all flu bugs, and I've been hopped up on NyQuil for 3 days... and, get this, the hallucinations I'm having are INTENSE. Every website says that Gainey will be stepping down today! The worst timing, EVER for a regime change - I know! Damn, I gots to lay off the green juice!


Oh... not a hallucination?

*Chugs more NyQuil*

Carry on...

Tom said...

I've been saying this for more than a year. It's about time.

Gainey's made way more mistakes than good choices (bad drafting, bad trades, bad free agent signings).

FireGainey said...

@ Habs Fan 10,

"This team's pr department is fucking terrible."

I agree their timing is terrible... It should have been done sooner. However, with that being said, Head Office (like the rest of us) have lost faith in his decision making abilities. I would much rather go into the trade deadline without Bob Gainey than with him.

Here is keeping our fingers crossed for a stellar replacement.

FireGainey said...

@ Tom,


Boob Gauthier said...

Compare the last 5 years to the previous 5 if you don't think Gainey did at least a good job.

This team was in the doldrums, missing the playoffs more often than not, no excitement in the city, tickets available at the box office the day of the game, the organization a shambles.

Boob Gauthier said...

The PR dept. doesn't decide when this kind of announcement gets made.

Ben Dugas said...

I had a dream the other night that Gainey traded Halak along with our 1st round pick to LA for some prospect I had never heard of and their 1st round pick.

I wonder if it was a sign. I wonder if there was pressure to trade Price and Bob's stepping down because he didn't want to do it.

L Dude said...

Those of you who felt Koivu should never have been let go, perhaps this opens the door for his return. Slap the 'C' back on his chest and let him play 3rd line minutes. He'd be a big improvement over Lapierre or Metro.

Chenny13 said...

I didn't see this coming, to be honest. I thought that if they missed the playoffs, which is looking rather likely, that he wouldn't get resigned and that would be that.

Well, thanks for the effort, Bob. We had some good times.

HabsFan4 said...

@ FireGainey

"Thank God, its about fucking time.

Eat shit Bob,

Fire Gainey"


Anonymous said...

Maybe Bob didn't want to backup a Price trade.

Finding a decent replacement for the Montreal market will be a hell of a job. I don't think Gauthier is the answer, neither is Martin.

Boob Gauthier said...

I wonder if part of the difficulty of being a GM in Montreal is that the playoffs bring so much revenue (and few extra expenses) that there is always this pressure to make the playoffs.

So when it's a choice between the current playoffs and the future, the present always wins.

Examples: Keeping Souray, Komi, Koivu, etc ... for a hopeless playoff run when you knew you were not re-signing them in the summer. Giving up a draft pick for 20 days of Schneider. Etc ...

Boob Gauthier said...


H I/O --------->

L Dude said...

@moeman: A little Crue might be in order "Time for a Change".
Barely need to change the lyrics.

matt - ftc said...

I will hold back on saying whether or not this is a good or bad thing on the whole until I see who the full time replacement is...but I do think this is a good start. He's had 7 years, and the team is nowhere near elite status. I know he went through a lot, and the regime before him was bad, and the montreal media is difficult, yada yada yada...but it is time for a change, and doing it before the trade deadline is probably a good thing.

Anonymous said...

(Hadulf here)

@Boob Gauthier


Artistic too! Well done.

Thanks Mr. Bob Gainey, good luck to you!

WV : astal, as in, astalavista, Bobby.

kevincrumbs said...

Holy fucking shit!

I think I say this every time something major happens and I have no idea how to react but man, it is never, ever boring being a Habs fan... except when the team plays.

Thanks Bob for all your hard work and dedication, especially having the balls to come back to your job after the tragedy of your daughter's passing.

Chester said...

Hey this opens the door for Bertrand Raymond. Woa Woa Tabernak to take his rightful spot behind the wheel of Les Habs stie.

Ronan said...

I feel the same way I did when Koivu left - sad to see him go, but ultimately I think it's the right decision (as long as Martini is NOT the next in line). I think he lost his mojo after his daughter died, which is understandable.

Tom said...

@ Book Gauthier:

"This team was in the doldrums, missing the playoffs more often than not..."

Doesn't that sound pretty much the same today? Barely made the playoffs last year. Fighting for a playoff spot this year. Only once got past the first round under Gainey's tenure.

hfotwc said...

@ fire bob

"Eat shit Bob"

are you talking to the guy who wore our jersey and the C with pride and dedication and was so fuckin good on the ice they had to come up with a trophy for his style of play. Are you talking to the guy who treats everyone in this organisation as family and friends.

I didn't think so.

Eat shit is not for a classy man such a Bob.

Boob Gauthier said...


Making the playoffs 4/5 years is not the same thing as missing the playoffs 4/5 years.

Boob Gauthier said...

Be afraid people.

Geoff Molson attended St.Lawrence College and Babson Business school.

Not exactly Harvard and Princeton, I know, but that isn't the point.

Those two small colleges also had the same hockey coach, around the time GM was a student.

That hockey coach is Pierre McGuire.

The man who said Mike Komisarek carried Markov all those years. The man who compared the Leafs current defence to Robinson-Savard-Lapointe.

Oh oh.

Robbie said...

Dear Lawyers,

I got a call from the Mrs. this morning, she was whining about her dad Dr. Bob (I think he was some kind of a scientist) and something about him being bamboozled (yeah fuck i know, what the fuck does that word mean?). Anyways it appears the company he runs has gotten fed up by his lack of results and strange transactions. It seems for the last few years he had been favoring the Mrs. whale friend and simply refused to look at her foreign Eastern friend as the number one go to. It also appears that Dr. Bob refused to stop experimenting and would not send the whale packing.

So apparently there is this really important deadline looming at the end of February and something fucking needs to improve dramatically for the company Dr. Bob runs to make the final quarter (or fucking playoffs or whatever). There seemed no likely hood of that happening unless Dr. Bob got rid of the whale that the Mrs. has been say is her saviour. So Dr. Bob is going bye bye.

My question is the guy who is replacing Uncle Bob is like his french adopted brother who no one knows or has any what he can possibly contribute other then being french which is this really big fucking deal in the Mrs. family. I think I'm more confused then anything. I mean i knew Dr. Bob had to go but what the fuck is this supposed to do to help his company and it just makes the Mrs. look even more amateur and confusing then ever.

Not sure this does anything for my desire to reconcile with the Mrs. but I'll keep you appraised.

yours truly,

Confused by the timing

P.S. I hope there is enough remaining of my retainer to continue asking questions and venting my current marital frustrations with the Mrs. If not let me know.

Carina said...

My opinion for HF29:

it was bound to happen; when and how is another story

kevincrumbs said...

If they hire Pierre McGuire, I'm going to stop watching hockey.

Lostinleafland said...

McGuire,,really, no,,please,,my ulcer is flaring up.
I feel ill.
It's like watching Theisman's leg injury in slow motion.
The Habs couldn't be so desperate as to bring the Monster into run the team,,could they?

matt - ftc said...

If they hire McGuire they may as well jam us with the full double-ended dildo and hire Cherry as his special advisor...

Anonymous said...

@Fire Gainey


L Dude said...

Hiring McSplooge would certainly be doing all of Canada and the 8 American fans that watch hockey on NBC a big favour (favor for the Americans). McSplooge the GM = no McSplooging on air. Except at press conferences and the mind boggles at what that might sound like. Does he parlez vous? Imagine him in broken french. Yikes.

Habsfan10 said...

Anybody know if Brian Burke speaks French? Cause the reaction from Toronto would be fucking hilarious if the Habs got Mr. Truculence.*

*In no way, shape or form do I want Brian Burke anywhere near the Canadiens ... but you gotta admit, that would be funny shit for a while.

matt - ftc said...

With a change this big we should be able to reach 500 comments. Sweet, I am long overdue for a meth binge.

kevincrumbs said...

Gainey could use some meth to dull the pain of having his every move criticised and doubted by millions of people for the past seven years.

Habsfan10 said...

Hey, the more I think about it, shouldn't the title be "Major shakeUP on the horizon"? Unless Gainey's getting busted in some sort of sting operation, that is. said...

I am saddened to see him go.
and deathly afraid of what comes next.
it's not like the choices are overwhelming and if as with the coach we have to choose someone who can communicate in French, I think we're royally screwed.

maybe it's JM's and his phantom system that nailed his coffin

(I can just see the French media gloating endlessly over this)

L Dude said...

Good point 10. The shakeDOWN will be happening in 29's basement where he's divying up the Meth after this gets to 500 comments. Sadly, I'm in the wrong area code.

Heh, speaking of which, my WV is hyonjuse. Mark McGwire came immediately to mind. Followed quickly by memories of my two year old (long ago) and her best friend all hepped up on juiceboxes.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

First Martin, now Gauthier.

If you're intent on picking up any more of our sloppy seconds, I think I saw Sylvain Turgeon rummaging through a dumpster outside a 7-11.

Boob Gauthier said...

We'll take Alfredsson.

Oh, and give us back our Kovy.

Habsfan10 said...

@ SLC:

We already had Turgeon, thanks. If we're getting any Senators sloppy seconds, I'll take Mike Fisher's, thanks.


SLC sounds a bit like Avery there. A little out of character I might add.

Le Douze said...

@matt - I see H I/O already has 800++ comments on this .... I thought I would see whether Fire Gainey had taken Boob G's advice, but my computer said it wasn't a good idea. Mind you, this applies only to the comments. I guess my virus checker is smarter than I thought.

For what it's worth, even though Bob G's reign has been a bit meh, there's no way I can think anything but highly of the man, for all the reasons better given by hfotwc.

I hope the next incumbent has no living kids, as being a Montreal or Toronto NHL GM seems to be hazardous these days... Hopefully this is just a sad coincidence.

GoldenGirl11 said...

The press conference has the same tone as when Walter Kronkite announced that JFK died. Only in mtl. said...

it's one of those time where you just wish you had the ins so you could know what really went on.

stepping down or getting the ax?

I suppose it doesn't matter as the Habs have a problem and it obviously is not just on the ice.

it's easy to criticize but harder to offer solutions that everybody agrees on. everytime you compromise a little bit, you lose your integrity.

Globe and mail is saying it's because BG could not get Lecavalier.
everybody forgets that on superstar does not a cup contender make (cf. thrashers)

WV how many times over his tenure has BG felt the need to reerse his resignation

Boob Gauthier said...

Not fired.

He did not want to re-up for 4-5 years.

gillis said...

@29: For tomorrow morning tell them i said this:

- Right after i heard about Bob stepping down, I went into my physics class and opened up my sandwich. I was a bit depressed... because I saw my mom making my sandwich this morning and all she had out was cheese and mayo and I thought she was gonna make me her signature cheese and mayo sandwich, which sucks but then I took a bite and realized that it was monterey jack and she slipped in some prosciutto. My day was a lot better after that. Therefore, people may be depressed that the habs suck and all, and they see this pierre guy and assume the rest of the season is gonna be hell, but then he'll show us that he is in fact monterey jack with prosciutto.

PS. say that gillis says hi to his mom.

Le Douze said...

@bea - My blogger WV has a theory on this.

WV: He is getting the axe for all of his "fauttes".

My theory is that a new broom sweeps clean. Geoff Molson took a break from shooting T-shirts out of a cannon to decide he didn't want more of the same, Habs-wise. BG decided he didn't need to put up with the BS for the last few months of his contract.

All hail Pierre McGoo!

moeman said...

A lateral move.

Boivin says being bilingual at all levels is important. I agree but slim pickings means we get a man with little CHarisma in Gauthier. I wish him well. Maybe he has a trick/trade up his sleeve.

Like most of you in here I thank and respect Bob for everything he's done for our team.

Cue réjean tremblay's screed.

Boob Gauthier said...


I almost wish they had appointed McGuire. said...

my WV comes back with: Joke about Mcsplooge at your perili

@ Moeman I know nothing about Gauthier so can't pass comments but seriously he'd have a trade up his sleeve that gainey would not?

I htink the Habs are at a dead end in terms of possible moves without a) selling the farm or b) choosing to throw out the baggage and tanking.
but then I'm not a GM so what do i know?

Anonymous said...

Devil: Pick a team in the Superbowl
for you soul.
Gainey: How about my job.
Devil: Okay, your job and Carey Price's soul.
Gainey: Didn't you already get that
when I got little tits back?
Devil: Right, well your job and the draft pick for Price.
Gainey: Colts.
Devil: Parfait!

moeman said...

@bea, I suggest maybe because there's an outside chance that Bob felt it better to give up GM control and let the new guy make a significant move. I know its sounds twilight zone-ish and un-Hab-like but maybe Gauthier will make a splash and build 'his' team? Sooner than later? I have no idea.

WV = sible, as in wanna guess who réjean tremblay's next sible is?

moeman said...

FWIW, Gauthier (needs a nickname?) said they have been discussing negotiations with Pleks!.

Anonymous said...

McSplooge cames into this world courtesy of a used car dealer from New Jersey. Maybe he does have wheeler dealer genes.

[what am I saying? yikes )

By the way, it was St. Lawrence University, not St. Lawrence College.
Same place Jacques Martin went to school. and Mike Keenan. Can Keenan speak French? said...

hope springs eternal
(isn't that what we Habs fans have been telling ourselves for too long?)

doesn't look like we'll make the 500 commenst on this bit of news.

and I really could have used the meh

Boob Gauthier said...

No cap space to make changes.

We have $45M committed for next season.

With the remaining $10M we have to sign: Pouliot, Plekanec, Price, Halak, SK74, Lapierre, MAB, Metro, and a couple of AHLers at least.

No need to have a Babson College MBA to see that there is a problem here.

kevincrumbs said...

Tough spot the team is in, especially after winning a few games recently. Ideally, I think they should try to dump some of the older guys (Gill, Mara, etc) to open up a little cap room for Pleks' re-signing.

Am I the only one who anticipates Pleks reverting to his ZombiePleks form next year and then having us tear Gauthier a new one for the next six years of Pleks' contract?

God, I hate this team but I just can't quit. Isn't that a line from Brokeback Mountain or something?

GoldenGirl11 said...

How's this for PR? On the Habs website under "News", the lead story is "Pyatt recalled, White and Trotter to Hamilton". The Second story is "Pierre Gautier named General Manager"...."MONTRÉAL – Montreal Canadiens President, Pierre Boivin, announced Monday the appointment of Pierre Gauthier as Executive Vice-President and General Manager. He also announced that Bob Gainey remains with the organization as Special Advisor to the General Manager."

"Ok team, how can we write this up without getting too much attention. Let's pretend it's not about Bob at all. Ya that's it! Let's treat the public like idiots. Perfect!"

I want to punch the PR department in the face.

lehab said...

@ anon...not Keenan, we already have one fucked up goalie. noneed to screw with the other one.
@ boob... we DO NOT need to sign Price, SK74, Lapierre, or MAB and/or Metro

fezworth said...


"I want more time. What will I do with it? I don't know.

Maybe I'll play the piano."

LOL, You go Bob Newhear- ehhh Gainey.

RiRi said...

Well, this is bittersweet.

On the bright side, Gauthier said that signing Pleks is a priority!

@Boob - They definitely have to get rid of Hamr and/or Spacek to keep those you listed.

P.S. Anyone know why I can`t comment from my blackberry?

moeman said...

@RiRi, "Anyone know why I can`t comment from my blackberry?"

Get an iPhone.

<3 moeman

GoldenGirl11 said...

Get an iPhone anyway.

ezzeloharr said...

We can probably get >500 comments if we start a flame war about which is the right phone. Right? Nexus One?

wv: moder, as in I hope no one will moder the ensuing flame war.

orangeman said...

Sorry kids, I didn't have time to read all the messages here. I just wanted to say thanks to Bob for all the hard work and dedication he gave this team as a player and a GM, even when he went through (probably is still going through) the tragedy of his daughter's passing. I never doubted for a minute that he did his best.

Like others, I have a feeling this has something to do with his refusal to move Price and that might be why it's happening now, because there's a deal on the table that the owners want and Bob doesn't. I guess we'll find out.

Anyway, I hear he's staying on as an advisor or something and I wish him all the best in whatever he does. Thanks for the effort!

Number31 said...


RiRi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gillis said...

PJ STOCK FOR GM!! lqtm...

moeman said...

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover will be revealed tonight on Letterman.

cucubau1 said...

And how Carbo was saying
"One day the truth will be revealed"

anyway , I'm thinking on quitting on this team - it's start to look like f*ing Ottawa Senators from some years back(Gauthier, Martin, Timmins - the gang that was out from Ottawa is reunited in montreal - puke) -they didn't win nothing and doubt that they will by magic come out with an Alfi, Spezzy or Heatman

Number31 said...

I just figured out what Bob's gonna do now that he has more time after switching jobs with Pierre... He'll be in the Bell Center ready to stare down the booing morons. Or eject them. Grab 'em by the ear, Bob!

boob gainey said...

Reading through the lines I think part of it is that Bob couldn't stomach the marketing guy Pierre Boivin trying to make hockey decisions: telling him what player he should get, what were the requirements for a coach, etc ...

It doesn't help that Boivin is a complete tool.

RiRi said...

Boivin creeps me out. He looks like he was a scrawny obnoxious nerd in school and is now using his position of power to make up for his insecurities. Ugh.

Oleg Petrov said...

I really think people will appreciate Bob Gainey's stint in about four years from now. Or, put another way, zero playoff series from now.

In a random world, each team in a 30-team league will win its championship about once every, say, 30 years or so. They'll win their conference every 15 years or so, make it to the conference finals every 7 or 8 years or so, win a playoff round about once every four years and make the playoffs every second year or so.


I snapped out of it. I'm fine now, really, I am, I HOLY SHIT ANDREAS DACKELL MAKE IT STOP--

So now, bring on the nonsense about how that kind of appreciation for Gainey is wrong-minded because Montreal fans are so great because they don't settle for mediocrity - as if all it takes for a sports franchise to succeed is an inflexible fan base. Hey, that's certainly what brought the Boston Red Sox back to regular success, right?

No really. Pierre Gauthier, best of luck with the stupid and crazy fans, because at least they were afraid of Bob. They're not afraid of you. And they devour nobody, my Montreal native friend, the way they devour their own.

kevincrumbs said...

@Oleg: Great reminder to those who think that Bob somehow left the team worst than when he first arrived. Sure, we're still not consistent contenders but Jesus Fucking Christ, we're in much better shape than the depressing early parts of the 00s.

Ronan said...

Adding to what was said above: from 1998-2001, our leading scorers had (wait for it) 47, 49, and 47 points. To put it in perspective, Mikhail Grabovski would've been the leading scorer on those teams. We'd better not be going back to those days.


there was a time when over five or six straight years I would make the drive north to MTL and I never ONCE saw them win except for a crappy 1-0 win over Phoenix.
At least Bob allowed me to think that I was not responsible. I guess I can go back to watching a few games per season

Bryan said...

@ oleg petrov.

great post man. im gonna miss gainey. im torn, i don't know if this is the right move or not, but right now im kinda worried.

hfotwc said...

@29 you're not gonna be as annoying like ALL these other cbc guyz, right?

Chenny13 said...

@ Oleg

Hate to sound like a broken record here, but I agree with you 100%

@ HF29

You should just read that post off tomorrow morn. I think it succinctly sums it all up.

Number31 said...

@Petrov If I could print that on the front page of every newspaper...

The majority of this stupid fanbase (usually the local one) forgets what happened 3 months ago, you expect them to remember how Bob fixed this team when he arrived?

Hell after every loss they go on a rage about no prospects no future, and then after a win they drool at the idea of PK Subban with Markov.

Gauthier was part of the team during all that so hopefully he doesn't fuck it up because Boivin wants more local players...