Monday, August 06, 2007

Bowman to Leafs: "No, Seriously, Fuck Off"

As we wrote way back on June 26th, Scotty Bowman has no interest in joining the Laffs. After reports surfaced over the weekend that he was about to become President of the 1967'ers, Bowman sent off an email to TSN telling them it was total bullshit.

The important part of the story here, besides my eternal happiness, is the use of email by Mr. Bowman. They always say Scotty's best skill is being able to adapt to the times; there's your proof.


Twitch said...

That noise you hear is Larry Tannenbaum rocking gently in a corner: "lalalalalala...I can't HEAR you...lalalalala..."

HabsFan29 said...

lol. It's not just Tannebaum, it's the whole so-called Leafs Nation