Monday, August 20, 2007

Email Chain - Maybe I'm a Priest: How the F%$$&@# Clock Was Born

So if you read HF29's profile on the right, you'll see that FHF arose out of the FHF's email exchanges. Then we thought, WTF, we'll just post the email exchanges, unedited (typos included!). And a cheap blogging shortcut was born. Here's Volume 4.

HF33: HF29, I think we should drop the f%$%^ on the clock. It’s the first thing people will see. I don’t know. Not a bit too bold? What is happening to me? I get intimidated by the swearing on our own blog! Maybe I am off. Could others weigh in on this please? I’m so ashamed….

HF29: you suck HF33

originally I had it as f***ing puck, than I said, what the FUCK, we can do what we want. let people see it. TOO bold???? we have to be bold to get attention

HF33: You have balls of magnanimous size my good friend. And I commend you for it.

HF29: no balls, just experience with Web stuff.

AND trust me HF33, I did seriously mull that over

and if the 3 of you don’t like it, I will remove!

HF33: Democratic balls at that. You have great balls, HF29.

Panger76: Actually I quite like the clock.

HF33, first you don’t drink at my Stag and now this? Come on man, you’re going soft.

HF33: I know. I’m coming down with Cool Guy Impotence. I’m losing my coolness. I used to be cool.

Panger76: Maybe HF29 can tell you the secret to getting “balls of magnanimous size”.

Being Italian, I need no such guidance.

HF29: the secret is not giving a crap

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