Thursday, August 02, 2007

FHF Has Set A Record*

(Self) congratulations to the FHF who have reached the milestone of 100 blog posts in a record 43 days since this blog was launched! Shit that's impressive, especially given our laziness on weekends (that'll change with Saturday night games, we promise). As with every milestone, birthday, anniversary, and Simchat Torah, the FHF will celebrate in the usual manner - strippers.

*totally unprovable, and undoubtedly totally bullshit


kilroy said...

Ok ya got me. I'm an advocate. It's a good blog. It doesn't take much. Strippers help. So does a sense of humour. And strippers.
p.s. the best part is trying to decipher the word verification through half closed, bloodshot eyes. That are still fixated on the strippers.

habsfan10 said...

I'm still not posting on weekends.