Friday, August 24, 2007

The Morning Skate for Friday, August 24th: Special Kovalev Konspiracy Edition

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of some sort of cover-up / conspiracy about the Kovalev motorcycle incident (like TMS did)...
  • As we told you yesterday (scroll down to the next post), Kovalev was involved in some sort of motorcycle accident in Grande Rivière, Quebec, involving the mayor of that town;
  • The TSN Story had absolutely no details about what happened;
  • The TSN story felt it was necessary to report that Kovalev was uninjured, meaning the accident was nasty;
  • The TSN story said Kovalev was paying for the damage, meaning it was his fault;
  • With the Canadiens' most talented player in an accident, you would think that RDS would be all over the story. However, makes no mention of it whatsoever, and I watched Sports 30 and there was nothing on it at all;
  • The Montreal Gazette also has absolutely nothing on it, neither does La Presse;
  • Google Satellite for Grande Rivière just shows a bunch of green, no sign of any civilization whatsoever.

So to recap: Habs' star gets into motorcycle accident that was his fault, it involves the mayor of a town that may or may not exist, and the Habs-obsessed Montreal media doesn't cover it. Hmmmmmm. Rest assured, the FHF will get to the bottom of the story by scouring the strip clubs of Montreal for clues.


Jordi said...

In one of my classes the most intriguing thought hit me. Maybe alien abduction was involved. Maybe we'll be expecting an upgraded Kovalev alien hybrid from now on.

HabsFan29 said...

hehe. I like it. If the upgraded Kovalev-alien hybrid can play hard on 50% of his shifts it would be an improvement

kilroy said...

Very funny post, especially the Google Satellite part. But man... is that fodder for comedy or what? Kovalev wipes out on a Harley in the Gaspe? The Weekly World News is kaput or surely they'd be all over it. Has Allo Police weighed in?