Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The E-mail Chain - Patrice Brisebois and My Ulcer

So if you read HF29's profile on the right, you'll see that FHF arose out of the FHF's email exchanges. Then we thought, WTF, we'll just post the email exchanges, unedited (typos included!). And a cheap blogging shortcut was born. Here's Volume 2.

Panger76: WTF is up with Brisebois? I am starting to lose faith in Bob Gainey. Beginning to remind me of Dick Cheney: ultra secretive, powerful, but making wrong decisions at every turn

Habsfan29: hehehehe

You know yesterday I had several moments when I actually believed it may be a good idea. Veteran D, cheap, as long as he’s the 6th D, backup up PP QB, leadership role with Souray et al gone, etc. Then I slapped myself across the face and snapped out of it.

Habsfan33: I also felt for a fraction of a second that it actually could work out. But only if the NHL afforded a special rule to the Canadiens whereby the nets at the Bell Centre could be elevated to the glass boards in the corners.

Panger76: Oh I have heard the arguments, and the one that sticks out is that he will absorb criticism from the rest of the team and be a lightening rod so to speak for French media. But isn’t this a slap to the face of fans? I mean, why doesn’t he just sign Lindros and trade for Riberio?

And the leadership thing kills me – lead where? To the part of the ice furthest from the action? Teach the young D how to get deeked? Come on…


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Breezer will be the 6th. As a righty, I'd assume he would displace Dandenault on the third pairing -- no way Breezer is better than Dandenault. Dandenault isn't much better than a 5th or 6th, so he isn't getting bumped up either.

No, I think Breezer is just cheap, veteran insurance and will fight Gorges for the 7th spot. Or if 8 dmen are needed, they could keep both, Gorges being a lefty.

This also gives some time for O'Byrne, Cote and other youngsters to develop. Should they develop, even midseason, buying out either Gorges or Breezer doesn't cost much. I have no idea how this works with the CBA. Is there a lawyer in the house?dx

Topham said...

You guys are absolutely right. There is no sensible way to explain this signing. The previous two signings already put Gainey on dodgy ground.

You were also right about it giving us bloggers something to talk about. I've been feeling a rant almost everyday since it happened:

I like your blog a lot guys. It's good, hold no punches opinions. Keep up the great work.

HF29 aka HH29 said...

kaz the lawyers are oon vacation, it is summer after all

thanks topham. you've been rolled. you've got good stuff too