Friday, August 31, 2007

The Morning Skate for Friday, August 31st

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of a flame war with some pretty annoyed Rangers fans. Oh, wait...
  • TMS (v 1.0) is back from the land of 56k modems. Very special thanks to HF33 and Panger for keeping the torch going this week during these trying yet amusing times. To you from failing hands, yada-yada;
  • Bob confrims those Marleau to Montreal rumours are a crock of shit. Of course they were - Eklund had the rumour as an E4;
  • Stars re-up Jussi Jokinen for 2 years. There is no name in the NHL more fun to say. I'm starting a movement to say "Jussi" after a sneeze instead of bless you;
  • Off to Siberia! Canada meets Russia in Game 3 of the "Super" Series in Omsk, Siberia, right now. Catch it on TSN Broadband. I finally figured out a reason to watch this series - possible shots of Kyle Turris' mom in the stands.

Alrighty hopefully things are getting back to normal around here. A very special welcome to all our New York friends who are popping by. Come for the hate, stay for the strippers.

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Taffy Lewis said...

Mrs. Turris is yummy; she's quite the Siberian Tiger. and based on that first period she could've done a better job refereeing too.