Friday, August 17, 2007

The Email Chain - Hate, Strippers, Columbus, and Carol Alt

So if you read HF29's profile on the right, you'll see that FHF arose out of the FHF's email exchanges. Then we thought, WTF, we'll just post the email exchanges, unedited (typos included!). And a cheap blogging shortcut was born. Here's Volume 3.

HF33: I sent our link to the blog to oiler blogs yesterday and got a real reaction out of them – I think they hate me.

HF29: I KNOW they hate you

HF33: Hate brings in traffic. Let them hate. Time to shit on another team now.

Panger: As for another team to hate, since we've covered T.O. and Edm, I nominate Calgary, with Boston to follow. Maybe its because they suck so bad now and they have such an awful owner, but I don't have the same passionate hatred of the Bruins that I had growing up. Maybe it's cause we've gone a whole 2 years without meeting them in the playoffs.

HF29: I say we hate on a totally random team like Columbus or something

Panger: Just for those ugly ass jerseys? Or the fact they have never made the playoffs? If there is a better candidate for a "Bizarro-Canadiens" franchise in the NHL than CLB?

Yeah, that might work…except I doubt people in Columbus know how to use the internet, so I'm not sure it will help the blog.

HF10: Okay, back from blogging and ready to email. Work got in the way there for a second.

Columbus has the internet, because all those Ohio State fans email "Michigan Sucks!" all over the college football web-world. Whether they care enough about hockey to email is the issue.

I reserve a special hate in my heart for the Bruins, always and forever. Remember, save for the Orr and Bourque eras, those bastards have been a doormat forever. Long may they suffer.

I think I may hate on the Rangers for no particular reason. Maybe I'll slag Eddie Giacomin or Vic Hadfield. Or Ronnie Duguay's stupid hair.

HF29: Eddie Giacomin!! I loved him

HF10: Eddie Giacomin is a fun name to say, but I'm still going to diss him. And that Goddamn Ron Greschner.

HF29: do a Ron Greschner post so we can use this

Panger: Damn you beat me to the punch! Never has such an ugly guy scored such a hot chick. It's like Tim Hunter nailing Claudia Schiffer. Just wrong.

HF10: I think HF33 is right. Hate is good. We should rip every team in the league in turn, setting ourselves up as the most hilarious, pompous, "we deserve every Cup by birthright and we're gonna tell you why you suck" bastards on the web until we get flamed right out of existence.

Or stick with the strippers plus random hockey news and views plus a sprinkling of hate thing. That's good too.

Panger: We CANNOT remove the strippers for any reason. The blog will never survive such a fiasco.

HF29: As long as I am alive and have a net connection, there will be strippers on FHF. Take that to the bank

HF10: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I would never suggest the removal of strippers. I meant becoming evil, hate-and-insult-everyone-else bastards WITH strippers.

I am totally on board with strippers; always was, always will be.

Sorry if I came across as anti-stripper. I love the strippers!

Slightly off topic, but my wife and I were discussing the neighbours and realized we have stripper-named neighbours (an Amber on one side and a Candy on the other). Alas, despite their names, neither is a stripper.

HF29: not to worry HF10, I know you like strippers. You’re no ___ (who is) but you enjoy the strippers. ive seen it

I would kill to be in a Candy-Amber sandwich

Panger: Ok, as long as the strippers aren’t going anywhere.


Jordi said...

I'm just going to beg you guys, that if I ever rub you the wrong way - please don't attack me with strippers.

I've got enough of them.

HabsFan29 said...

mouhahaha. we'll go easy on you dont worry. youre a Habs fan - we protect our own.

Now the Oilers fan part of you - that better watch out.