Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who The F*ck Is Eklund Anyway?

Excellent post over at The Fanhouse about that "Anonymous Hockey Blogger" Eklund, guardian of all the bullshit rumours over at Hockey Buzz. We actually like Eklund (he is 'rolled over on the right), but never take anything he writes seriously anymore, given his track record of being totally wrong (I'm still waiting for Brad Richards to be a Hab, as Eklund promised). Fanhouse hockey blogger Greg Wyshynski, who actually interviewed Eklund, really takes the gloves off analysing him. Yet unlike Fox News, it really is fair and balanced. Sample:
Despite that success, Eklund's reputation has taken more hits than Eric Lindros's cerebellum. The mere mention of his name on sites like the HF Boards draws more jeers than cheers. While there should be no question about the legitimacy of many of his informants, he has been known to cultivate his rumors from such solid sources as Carolina Hurricanes fans on Internet message boards and callers to WFAN in New York.

At the FHF we have never purported to offer anything but snark and strippers, with some decent analysis from a fan's persepctive thrown in. But Eklund claims to be a hockey insider, and needs to be called out on the seedier side of what he does. Definitely worth the read.


kilroy said...

This Eklund guy is a classic example of the "monkeys tapping at the keyboard" theory. I think by now he has had every player going to every team.

HabsFan29 said...

Rumour - Eklund may be a monkey tapping at a keyboard (e4)