Saturday, August 04, 2007

I've returned in time for this???

After dealing with United Airlines of Incompetency and two flight delays that resulted in an 13 hour trip from the Bermuda Triangle of hockey news, Orange County, I arrive home only to find that the Habs have repatriated the most reviled player in recent Habs memory? The "player" who made Baron Von Pylon look like the ghost of Larry Robinson? Please tell me I'm still asleep in row 4B. Or that the plane crashed and I'm in H-E-double hockey sticks. You know, the place where Cristobal Huet and/or Carey Price and/or Jaroslav Halak and/or Cedric Desjardins will be every third defensive shift this winter.

More tomorrow (well, later today given it's 2:53 am MDT, fucking United) when I can absorb this atrocity, try to understand why the Hockey gods hate me so very, very much and analyse all the other goings-on in my absence.

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HabsFan29 said...

13 hours from SoCal to Calgary??? nice end to a honeymoon