Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Morning Skate for Thursday, August 2nd

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Bettman actually admitting he made a mistake expanding to the U.S. South...
  • Looks like the Breezer is playing hardball with the Habs, if I read my agent-speak correctly. Given that all agents are lawyers, I think the FHF know how they speak;
  • Franco-hating douchebag Sean Avery gets $1.9 mil from an arbitrator after looking for 2.6 mil. We might have to analyse this later with its own post, it'll give us a chance to post another Elisha Cuthbert photo;
  • In case you missed it yesterday, the Preds are going to Hamilton after Balls-Silly's 220 mill offer is accepted. Oh sorry, for a sec there I thought I was writing in a world where things actually made sense.

Exactly 2 months til opening night. Weeeee!

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