Friday, August 03, 2007

Thanks For Ruining Our Weekend, Bob

Well it's official. The Breezer has signed and will be in a Habs uni once again.

HF33 and I have such a great weekend planned. We are off to the wilds of the Laurentian mountains north of Montreal for the bachelour party of "fifth Hab fan" Mike. Drinking, BBQ'ing copious amounts of meat, drinking, and of course, strippers. The perfect weekend. Now Gainey has gone and ruined it all by signing the Breezer, undoubtedly forcing the topic of discussion all weekend to this nightmare.

RDS is reporting that the deal is worth 700k, with an additional 700k in bonuses available. Bonuses for what? Limiting the number of players skating by him to 3 per game? Keeping his plus/minus above minus 40???

As we have mentioned before, this is a mixed blessing for the FHF. Sure, he sucks, but at least now we have comedy material for the whole season.

But our weekend is still ruined. F U Bob. The FHF mantra of "Trust Bob" is being stretched to the limit here.

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