Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top 10 Rangers Rant Makes Blueshirt Bulletin Cry

Yesterday, the FHF inaugurated it's 10 Things I Hate About__ series. HF10 posted the first entry on the New York Rangers. We thought it would be amusing to send our post to a NYR blog, the Blueshirt Bulletin. Cry babying ensued...

Here now was the comment sent to us by Dubi from the Blueshirt Bulletin. Thanks Dubi Dubi Doo.

Your ignorance is astonishing. The NY Americans remained in business -- in the Garden -- for fifteen years after the Rangers came into the leauge. It was MSG's owner in 1941 -- Jim Norris -- who ran them out of the building.

Norris, by the way, owned the Red Wings and (illegally) the Blackhawks at the time. He used his ownership of the Rangers' home building to keep them from playing home games in the playoffs, including in 1950 when the Wings beat the Rangers in double-OT of the seventh game of a Cup final series in which five games were played in Detroit and two in Toronto.

He also looted them (as well as the Blackhawks) of players, like Gordie Howe (who first came up with the Rangers at age 17) and Harry Lumley. His control of the Garden was wrested from him by an antitrust suit brought against him by the US Justice Department. The NHL, in its wisdom, named the Norris Trophy after him.

Now Montreal "Canadiens" -- that's an original name. Especially for the biggest city in a province that doesn't even want to be part of Canada. How many Cups would you have won without the 50-mile rule, eh?

And the Forum, that's a pretty famous arena. I love to visit it whenever I'm in Montreal -- oh wait, it doesn't exist anymore? Since when? Over TEN YEARS! But you said "The Montreal Forum just called" -- where from, a time machine?

And what exactly happened back in the day to the Montreal Arena, which the Canadiens shared with the Montreal Wanderers? It burnt to the ground, under mysterious circumstances, forcing the Wanderers to disband. What was that you said about the Tex Rickard and the Amerks? And how about the Canadiens being part of the group that disbanded the NHA because they didn't like Eddie Livingstone, just because he was so innovative that his team beat them? Yeah, that's a history to be proud of.

And you had to go down to 7th place to find names you can make fun of on the all-time scoring list -- skipping over Rod Gilbert, Brian Leetch, Jean Ratelle, Andy Bathgate, Mark Messier, and Walt Tkaczuk. What, you couldn't come up with any jokes about those guys?

You idiots -- your site is pathetic. It sure looks like it has a lot of visitors. Too bad none of them like to leave comments.


Anonymous said...


Dave said...

Both poetic and moving. Thank you for that, Mr. Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, coming from a Habs fan, I must admit that you just got owned by Dubi from the ranger blog. Maybe do a little more fact checking before you try to belittle another team, because your just making the Habs and their fans look terrible.

Dave said...

wait amigo. Your comments are a bit premature. come back in a few moments.

Habsfan10 said...

Ah, beat me to it, HF33. I was going to say "look up, anonymous."

Blueshirt Bulletin needs to not start a "get your facts straight" argument with lawyers. Facts are our business, and business is good.

Anonymous said...

fuck you rangers
you have the most obnoxious fans, im not even a canadiens fan, but the rangers think their hott shit, they always have even when they suck. you tell dancing larry that, is that the best thing you guys could dig up? and you play at msg, awesome, it didnt make its fame from primarily hockey, its more famous for concerts and boxing. no one likes the blueshirts so why dont you guys just eff off. LETS GO ISLANDERS