Tuesday, May 27, 2008

According to Math, the Habs Would Already Be Swept

So the Habs lost to the Flyers 4-1. The Flyers got dismantled by the Pens, also 4-1. The Pens are currently being taken out behind the woodshed by the Wings, and might be lucky to score, let alone win a game in the Finals.

By our calculations, (aided by our beloved math enchantress/teenage crush Danica (aka Winnie Cooper), that means the following:

Habs +/- 2 times Flyers -50 less than Pens divided by Pens +/- a billion less than Wings, factor of y, times 3.147453377 =

The Wings would have won games 1 to 3 of a Habs/Wings final by a combined 143 to -13, and then the NHL would have just given them game four to spare us all the embarassment.

1 comment:

panger76 said...

Anyone have any idea of the odds on Osgoode getting back-to-back shutouts in the finals before the playoffs started? I could have bought an NHL franchise on a $2 bet!

(Or at least one of the crappy ones, like Atlanta)