Sunday, May 04, 2008




Baroque said...

My sincere condolences on your loss.

You have a great blog, and I for one am looking forward to next season. Fresh start, everyone a year more experienced, hopefully a better team.

Go hockey!

Now enjoy the beautiful summer weather that I hope will hit you soon. :)

fezworth said...

I have to say, I am very pleased with the way the fans handled the end of the game. Nobody left the building, nobody threw anything onto the ice, nobody booed... They just stood and applauded the team that has done more this year than anyone gave them credit for.

I have to say, Montreal fans are the best in hockey, the occasional riot notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Condolences here as well, I've grown to love this blog and build a passion for the CH that was there when I was growing up in Alberta, but never strongly felt till this year.

Could it be that my team 1 and 1A (along with the Edmonton Oilers), are swapping spots? You can thank my brother-in-law from South Shore, because I think it is. Plus it adds to my leafs schadenfreude living in Toronto.

Next season it'll be 16 for 25 for 100.

Go pants, and may neither Mickey Ribs nor the Broad Street Bullies taste the nectar from Lord Stanley's mug.

Anonymous said...

Fez - there were a couple of people who did chuck things after the 5th Philly goal and several people did leave. However, 3/4 of the fans were still there and we heckled the assholes who started throwing shit.

But, yeah, all things considered, the fans last night were really classy. We kept cheering for them, right up until the last second. When I saw the Habs waiting for the last handshakes around center ice, I knew what they were going to do... and I still got choked up.

Class on both sides of the boards last night. In spite of the loss (and in spite of the fact that it doesn't make it hurt any less) I was proud to be a Habs fan.

argive said...

Much respect from this Philadelphia resident and Flyers fan. I think Philly fans could take a few lessons from the way Habs fans handled themselves after last night's game (perhaps a colossal understatement). Very classy indeed.

Anyway, thanks for an exciting series, and I hope the Canadiens come back in full force next season.

Anonymous said...

The black is an appropriate touch.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

My condolences folks. Welcome to the "Why The Hell Do We Love This Fucking Game?!?!" support group. Today's theme...acceptance.

As the senior member, allow me to assure you that the helpless, empty, what-the-hell-do-I-do-now-talk-to-my-wife?? feeling will time.


Anonymous said...

I actually abandoned the internet during games for the last week or so, because if i had to listen to the CBC crew AND sit around online with all my Leaf friends ("HAHAHAHA PRICE IS SUCH A BUST") I would have gone nuts, and I don't get RDS.

It's painful, but then I remember we beat out Toronto, plus the Habs actually have a future, and then I don't feel so bad. Unlike TSN/CBC I refuse to blame Carey Price for this loss. I'm sure they'll pick the Habs to finish 13th in the East again "unless they trade for some veteran help in goal" but I remain confident.

So... uh... I guess I cheer for Pittsburgh now? Detroit? I'm not cheering for Philly now, and I'm ABSOLUTELY not cheering for whoever makes it out of the Ribiero vs. Thornton series. If the Wings sign Fabian I won't even be able to root for them, and I'd like to not have to disassociate myself ENTIRELY from the playoffs just because my team sort of sucked in them.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

On another note...

Not even hasidics sit shiva for THREE months, do they?? DO THEY??

//lapsed RC ignorance

Hurry back boys! SLC loves, nay needs him some strippers!

Anonymous said...

good series. better team won. can't wait to see montreal and philly battle next year and for years to come. bell centre was great last night, not as crazy as I thought it would be, but my ears still hurt. As one flyers fan who was there, it was an awesome experience.

this blog rocks. awesome fan-driven site, can't wait for next year.

go flyers!

Vintage HF29 said...

am i on the right blog? or is this some sort of emo site?

moeman said...

~ 2007-08 Canadiens (moeman's season recap) ~
Saku Koivu ~ A (Playoffs = A)

~ Despite being bounced around a few lines, a very good season for our hard working Captain. Still the heart of the team and at less than $5M he is a clutch bargain.

Alexei Kovalev ~ A+ (Playoffs = C)

~ A career season for AK27. He showed leadership, skill and thrilled the loud and proud Habs fans. Another bargain salary based on output (this year) and a positive influence on his Russian brethren.

Chris Higgins ~ B+ (Playoffs = B-)

~ 25 goals isn't a bad tally for the sometimes inconsistent Higgs (no thanks to Ryder). He's not a 40 goal man, needs to realize this and should use his strength more.

Andrei Kostitsyn ~ A (Playoffs = B+)

~ Great season with the assistance of AK27 and Plex, plus somewhat motivated by the smaller Tit. Should play way more PP minutes. Give him a 3 year deal Babs.

Sergei Kostitsyn ~ A (Playoffs = B)

~ Slick passer, fun to watch, likes the odd tussle (except in the playoffs?) Keep him on a fast line and watch him score (assist) a lot.

Tomas Plekanec ~ A+ (Playoffs = B)

~ Came into his own with help from his linemates. Very good 2 way player with a good shot and passes well. Needs to find the front of the net and not be so girlish.

Michael Ryder ~ F (Playoffs = F)

~ Fans can blame Carbo and/or Gainey but this guy crapped the bed on his own. Hindsight says he should've been moved.

Bryan Smolinski ~ B (Playoffs = B)

~ A good veteran presence. You get what you pay for.

Tom Kostopoulos ~ B (Playoffs = B)

~ Great team player. Took some hits for his teammates. Keep him.

Steve Bégin ~ B (Playoffs = C)

~ Not bad for a plugger but I wanted him gone last year. Chipchura will fill his role.

Maxime Lapierre ~ B- (Playoffs = B)

~ Inconsistent but when he plays hard he's good.

Gui Latendresse ~ C (Playoffs = C)

~ Should've played a year in the AHL

Mark Streit ~ A (Playoffs = B)

~ Career year but can he do it again? Don't overpay if you plan on keeping him.

Andrei Markov ~ A (Playoffs = C)

~ Smooth skater, great passer, better than average shot and doesn't often get beat behind the blue line.

Mike Komisarek ~ B+ (Playoffs = C)

~ Consistent defensive play and big hitter. Also, future CH Captain.

Roman Hamrlik ~ A (Playoffs = C)

~ Expensive but played a stellar Dman season.

Josh Georges ~ B+ (Playoffs = C)

~ Underrated and a bargain compared to who he replaced. No better than a #4 Dman.

Francis Bouillon ~ B- (Playoffs = C)

~ Gives an effort but doesn't have an impact.

Ryan O'Byrne ~ B (Playoffs = C)

~ Quiet, mostly error free but needs to hit more.

Brisebois, Dandenault, Grabovsky, Locke, Stewart, D'Agostini, Chipchura

~ Thanks.

Cristobal Huet ~ A

~ Played great, played a role.

Jaroslav Halak

~ Thanks, stick around.

Carey Price ~ A (Playoffs = C+)

~ Great season for a 20 year old playing in one of pro sports most demanding positions. He was close to being Calder Cup nominee worthy. Inconsistent playoffs aren't going to affect him.

Guy Carbonneau ~ A (Playoffs = C)

~ Great season, learned a lot, some of it in the playoffs. Second to Babcock in leading his team to a top place finish. Relies too much on some vets.

Coaching staff ~ A

~ Seem to be doing a good job. Melanson is a hinderance. Need a Dman Coach, Eric Desjardins SVP.

Bob Gainey ~ A

~ Steady hand, lets his coach and team do the on-ice work. Risk vs. Reward bit him this year. Ahead of schedule in his plans. Should've moved Ryder for a paper airplane.

All in all, a fanfreakintastic year, as proven by the best hockey arena fans in the world. The Habs winning hockey is contagious and the team is fun to watch. The future looks great.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading this recently and I really enjoy it. Looking forward to next year with you guys!


Bald Headed Geek said...

52 and 43. Those are the numbers of e-mails and text messages, respectively, that I received from gloating Flyers fans after last night's loss. I am still depressed. At least I got back out on the rink and got to take out my frustrations this morning on the opposing goalie.......


Unknown said...

Next season, gents.

kmart said...

don't stay in hibernation all summer. you guys are too entertaining to cut me off for three months.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

i'm a leafs fan so my opinion probably doesn't mean much...but the future is bright in montreal...

enjoy the blog. it's mad entertaining. keep it up fellas.

Loser Domi said...

My condolences, gentlemen. Now let's forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream!