Friday, May 09, 2008

The Morning Skate for the Final Day of Shiva

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of burning the tapes...
  • Hey look, an actual hockey game! Wings take the West Conf opener 4-1. The Little Fuckity-Fuck was in the sin bin when the Wings got their 3rd goal to put the game out of reach in the second. Happy happy joy joy;
  • In the Double Eye, Team Canada escapes with their lives with a 2-1 win over... Norway? Really?
  • Flyers may be screwed, with D Kimmo Timonen missing the rest of the playoffs;
  • Prized Swedish free agent Fabian Brunnstrom chooses Dallas over a small group of teams that included Montreal. I'd say I was disappointed, but did we really want a player named Fabian?

We declare the mourning period over as of sunset tonight. Bring on the UFA period!


K-Mart said...

the report i read said he may miss the entire pens series, but thats not written in stone. i'm holding out hope he's back by game 3.

fezworth said...

Hooray for Ren & Stimpy references! I can tell the mourning is coming to an end.

I'm guessing the little fuckity-fuck losing game 1 has something to do with it?

Does anyone agree with me: I assert that it is GOOD that Montreal doesn't have to play against the Pens, because if we ever want to see Crosby in le Bleu Blanc Rouge, we have to avoid giving him reasons to hate the Habs. He should see himself as the last piece of the puzzle in Montreal, not as their arch-enemy.

melly said...

Speaking of the Little Fuckity-Fuck, did you see Durocher's piece on Mickey in the Journal?

Still an asswipe, surprise surprise

(Although, if this leads to an updated HF10 Fuck You Mickey Ribs Rant, I'm all for it!)

HabsFan29 said...

@fezworth - that is quite the theory. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

and good to see another Ren n Stimpy fan

@ melly - AAAUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHH. goddamm that article made me mad. I might write the rant myself. im not sure i can wait for 10

lawyergirl77 said...

Stiiiiimpy you eeeediot!!

Melly - I saw the pic of Ribiero with his bullshit beard and I almost tossed my cookies. I read the article and I got homicidal.

29 - I think a rant sooner rather than later may be de rigueur...

Fez - Intriguing idea, but I don't think it has a hope in Hell of coming true.

melly said...

Lawyergirl - I know eh? That creepy, lame-ass patchwork excuse for a beard just makes him THAT much more repulsive.

HF29 - AAAUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHH was pretty much my reaction this morning too. And I'm with LG77, the more rants the merrier, so ya know, let it out!

Sonia said...

Gawwd Almighty!!! Just read the Journal article. The capacity for arrogance and self-delusion in that pathetic excuse for a "man" is absolutely astounding!

As for the photo, I've scooped things out of my cats' litterbox that were more attractive (and probably smelled better) than the fuckity fuck in that picture.

Baroque said...

Nice tagline on your Halak page. :)

And those Mickey Ribs rants are epic. Looking forward to more.