Friday, May 02, 2008

BREAKING NEWS - Coach Carbo to Start Cedric Desjardins in Goal Tomorrow Night

(Reuters) - Unable to decide between Halak or Price for what could be the final game of the season, Habs Coach Guy Carbonneau has instead reached far down into the farm system and annointed Cincinnati Cyclones' goalie Cedric Desjardins as the new saviour.

Carbo said "he is having an outstanding playoffs for Cincinnati. He wears number 33, he was fined for his role in a fracas at the end of a game, and he helped Patrick Roy win a Memorial Cup. If that isn't karma, I don't know what is."

When asked for a comment, Jaro Halak stated simply "I incrredibel play hackey, I good date with blond girl behind coch, teem need play me."


Scott in Montreal said...

You can't buy a smirk that perfect. Owen Wilson is already under contract to play him in a parody of his life story co-starring Ben Stiller as Hasek. Working title: Get Your Rubber On

Anonymous said...

HK jeff here boyos and galos.

Watch Withnail and I now, it'll cheer you lawyer guys and gals up.

Are you fond of firm young carrots?


Preceding was in joke crap, sorry to all under 30 on this web log or whatever the fuck it is.

I am depressed. I need, no, I REQUIRE Demoral. Intravenoius Demoral.

Invasive surgery or this series from hell...go invasive...did I mention demoral?

I'm like 44, fuck. I actually went to games at the forum and often watched Habs destroy young 70's guy white guy hockey players with afros who played for fuckin like Kansas City Scouts, all the time...

Je pense que nous sommes fucked.

Mais peut etre non?

Night boys and gals.

Remember: Just a game, your family and friends way more imnportant.

Especially your mum, she might piss you off, but fuck off, call her once in a while.

Oh, but we still hope!

Best to all of you

Jeff HK

HabsFan29 said...

@Scott - brilliant! that's gonna be an awesome buddy comedy

@Jeff - Madre del HF29 agrees with you. Just yesterday she was telling me I never call. I

fezworth said...


I've been called a ponce.

fezworth said...

I think that was Jeff's most coherent post ever.

Anonymous said...

Wachovia Center.


Watch ova ya centre.

Watch you.

Watch over you.

Watch over ya.

Watch you.

We're watching you.

Bend over. Feel the rubber glove.

Wachovia Center.

I mean really. What the fuck is that?

Bend over, feel the glove. Where's your boarding pass. Shop at duty free.

Jeff HK

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fez, in fact I am quite sober for once. Just a bit high really.

'A pair of blues, let's get in there and get wrecked...'

lawyergirl77 said...

Jeff - I *heart* you!! Thanks for cheering me up during a shitty day at work.

Je pense que nous sommes fucked indeed.

And I TOTALLY second the Demerol... I may try to get a prescription prior to heading to the Bell Centre tomorrow night.

lawyergirl77 said...

@Scott - you owe me a new keyboard for the buddy comedy post, by the way. Classic!!

Seriously, though, WTF is up with this Desjardins kid? The smirk reminds me way too much of the little fuckitty fuck fuck.

moeman said...

Sweeter CH smirk.

HabsFan29 said...

@ moeman - i would describe that as more of a "come hither" kind of look than a smirk, but either way, helloooooo

moeman said...

@hf29, I agree but that tiny little kinky lip kink kinda makes it smirky. Plus Campo sounds smirkingly close to Carbo the smirker.

Anonymous said...

Bugger. Lost a good post thanking agent 77 for spelling demorol correctly.. Knob.

Demorol. Thanks 77, correct spelling.

Now I'm way more Chaneled, so can't write for fuck.


It'll be allright kids, if you're a male, just don't rub your knob on urinals, and if you're a female homosexual sapien, don't sit on anything suspicious.

Otherwise all good.

The FLYERS? Oh this is not real right?

Fuck cubed.


Anonymous said...

Demerol...uh yeah. Only took 3 hours to get it.

Fuck I'm dumb.



Zwirb said...

In my head, everyone is grouped in tidy little boxes. I've had to add a new one for Jeff.