Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Morning Skate for Day 3 of Shivah

Bullet points for what you misse while having nightmares this black emo thing may never end...
  • Habs clean out their lockers. I always remember cleaning out my high school locker and finding a sandwich from 3 months earlier. That shit stank;
  • Many Habs are headed back to the ice for the Double Eye - Koivu, Pleks and Markov all head to their national teams. Belarussia already saw Grabs and the two Tits on the ice yesterday. I could spend all day making line names with those three;
  • Speaking of the Double Eye, the always exciting Canada-USA matchup goes today at 3 PM. Looks like the office-bound can watch on TSN.ca.

OK we've still got alot of work to do around here, what with the season reviewing and posting of hot chicks with tenuous relationships to hockey and such. So don't be a stranger.

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