Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear NHL Playoff Schedule Makers ...


Seriously, what are you waiting for? This ain't the Super Bowl. Why Idiot Bettman doesn't take a page from his hero David Stern and have each new series start as soon as possible after the matchups are confirmed is beyond me. A full week of shit like "Sidney will be the youngest captain to hoist the Cup" or "Lidstrom will be the first European captain to hoist the Cup" or "Chris Chelios still changes his own adult diaper ... what a medical marvel!" articles has me at the breaking point.

We're Habs fans. But we're also hockey fans, and this series could be a great one, with some serious marketing potential ... so why drag it out? Anticipation has long given way to "holy fuck, are they ever going to start?", and with the weather warming up, we're all going to find something else to do. And they wonder why no one watches this fucking league.

Puck. Drop. Now.



panger76 said...

Amen. Although I hear it's because they wanted as many Saturday night HNIC gaems as possible.

DC said...

Yep, the schedule is pretty much a cave-in to the CBC's desire for Saturday games.

It's worth noting that ratings for hockey in the US are the highest they've been, well, probably this century. Having the two top rated markets in the country in the final will only help that.

Of course, the ratings in the US still don't hold a candle to the NFL, NASCAR, NBA or MLB, but they've at least passed poker and arena football.....