Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Random Hot Woman with a Tenuous Relationship to Hockey of the Day

This is Czech (super?) model Simona Krainova. She dates Red Wings' center Jiri Hudler. The Red Wings open their series with the Stars on Thursday. That is all.

I love this off-season already. My mourning time is being reduced by the presence of Czech models.

h/t to Vakfan of Southern Bohemian Hoc(k)ey(j). Vakfan, we proudly take up the mantle of your "hockey related chick" series since you stopped posting.


Anonymous said...

Totally non-chick-related, but have you seen this yet?

Halak is still available cheap. His feelings will be hurt if he isn't sponsored. :)

Vintage HF29 said...

thx for the heads up baroque. look for a big announcement coming soon!