Friday, May 02, 2008

The Morning Skate for Friday, May 2nd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of having the highest disapproval ratings in history...
  • Finally the Pens lose a game, 3-0, as the Rangers stave off elimination for one night, with Jagr leading the way;
  • Colorado doesn't have a Jagr and Theo is a sieve, so they get eliminated after an 8-2 loss. Johan Franzen gets another hat trick. I swear before this series I didn't know who he was;
  • The IIHF World Hockey Championships start today with Canada taking on Slovenia. Good, when the Habs are elimintaed TMS will have someone to cheer for.

Habs can win 3 games in 4 nights, right? Right?


orangeman said...

In preparation for "The Comeback" I read some articles and watched some highlights from February when the Habs came back against the evil Rangers. I learned a few things. For example, the boys over at the Blueshirt Bulletin like to blame the refs for everything including the weather.

I also learned that Ryder can pull if off sometimes. Please, Carbo, put your differences aside and put this guy in the game. You have nothing to lose.

I hope Begin doesn't get punished (read: scratched) because of his...mistake. He's been an animal out there and his positives far outweight this negative. But you never know with Carbo.

Biron has been good, but not great. Some lucky bounces and some timely plays. All the games could have gone either way, and the next 3 can, too. Put a body in front of Biron, for crissake. He's really not that good. I've watched him play for years.

moeman said...

16 for 25


3 in 4





orangeman said...

I'm a recovering alcoholic, minus the 'recovering'. One day at a time. One game at a time. One period at a time. It doesn't look so unsurmountable when you look at it like that.

baroque said...

Yes, they can.

Start with one win and go from there.

(And you're not alone on Johan Franzen. Until the last couple weeks, the only people who knew what he could do were Red Wings fans who watched him all year.)