Saturday, December 29, 2007

Canadiens' Contingent at the WJC

Unfortunately Kyle Turris wasn't drafted by the Habs, cause his mom his smoking (although this photo really doesn't do her fine MILF self justice).

One year after the Habs had 3 players play major roles for their respective teams, including the the tourny MVP the Habs again have 3 players in this year's edition of the WJC, albeit in much reduced roles. 2 of the three are now playing major roles for the Habs - TFS(tm) and Little Tits. Meanwhile, the last of the trio is not far behind - the Little Russian Tank, Pavel Valentenko, is learning how to low bridge forwards on North America size rinks in Hamilton.

This year's collection is not likely to have the same impact, at least in the short term. However, partly this is because all are young, being drafted in 2007, and are eligible to return next year where they may play bigger roles in Ottawa.

P.K. Subban (Canada), aka the (self-proclaimed) "Subbanator", earned the 7th spot on Canada's defence, mostly to play on the PP. The Subbanator has had a terrific season in Belleville so far, and has continued to show the foot speed and rifle from the point aht makes his offensive upside so exciting. Although only a depth player, this edition of Canada's defence corps is a deep group with a bright future, including the 4th overall pick in 2007 (T. Hickey) and two potential top 5 picks in '08 (Drew "Dough Boy" Doughty and Luke Schenn). We also can't wait for his big yap to get him in trouble for the first time with the Montreal Media, which may make him our own version of Ray Amery. Can't wait for his first interview with Chantal Macabee - "you know what they say about 'going black,' right Chantal?"

Yannick Weber (Switzerland) is another example of the Habs obsession with Swiss players. (I think Trevor Timmins must have a Swiss Mistress over there or something. Or maybe Aebischer's parents let Habs scouts stay at their place for free as payback for the unearned checks their son cashed last year.) The future Swiss Mister is playing on this side of the pond this season, and like The Subbanator, is an offensive defencemen in the OHL, with Kitchener. He's not very big (he is Swiss, after all), but he's got an edge, racking up 49PIM in 31 games. Sounds like another power play specialist to me, and probably will end up fighting with Matheiu Carle and the Subbanator for a blueline spot in a few years. Don't look for him to be too much of a factor at this Tourny as the Swiss don't have a strong team, but the experience will do him good.

Max Pacioretty (U.S. and A.) looks like he will someday earn "My Boy" status from the token FHF WOP (myself), plus he's hyped as the great white hope for as homegrown power forward. He's a few years away, playing college hockey in the States with Michigan, maintaining a point-per-game pace before leaving to join USA's WJC entry. Habs fans can only hope he follows in the footsteps of HF10's Boy Chris Higgins, along with Komo and Rhino. Although he was supposed to be playing on a scoring line, he has yet to notch a goal thusfar. Let's hope he's not waiting to score against Canada in the finals.

The Habs have to be disappointed that none of Ryan White ('06), Ben Maxwell ('o6), David Fischer ('06) or Ryan McDonough ('07) made their respective national teams. Maxwell was hurt and supposedly had a good shot at making the team otherwise. White is a grinder and Canada has lots of those on this year's edition of the team. But both Fischer and McDonough were first rounders, and the Habs have to be disappointed about other lower-drafted defenceman making the team.

Then again, after watching the Habs play of late with Guimauve, Little Tits, TFS(tm), Komo, Rhino, Big Tits, Chips, Pleks and Higgins all making contributions, we'll trust in Trevor Timmons and the scouting staff. It likes like the 20-year Curse of Doug Wickenheiser is finally over. Good times.

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Vintage HF29 said...

Mrs. Turris on FHF! It's a dream come true. But you're right Panger that photo doesn't do her justice. But at least you found one - she's elusive. And I've been watching the WJC to spot her, no luck yet. Anyone else?

"you know what they say about 'going black,' right Chantal?" - you're sick Panger, and awesome.

Seriously, McDonough not playing is a disappointment. but you're right, trust Timmons...