Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, December 18th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being a Minnesota Vikings fan...

Panthers in town tonight and TMS will be there, with special guest DC HabsFan, creator of the awesome FHF header. Wait til he sees the price of Molson Ex.


Anonymous said...

Did you guys see Lafleur's Sunday column in Le Journal? I read the translation on Eyes On The Prize. Basically, he spends the first half talking about how Koivu should be shipped out on a rail, and how he never should have been given the placement within the team that he has.

Full disclosure: I'm too young to remember The Flower 'en plein vol'. Perhaps were I to experience the wonder of all those Cups, my feelings on the matter would be different. However, I feel that Guy! is waaaay out on a limb here. Seriously, what's his problem? The parity in the league now is such that very few players can be completely dominant, and quite frankly, Koivu has been supplied with an absolutely shitty team for much of his tenure as Capitaine.

Personally, I think Koivu's the kind of player who I want on my team, even when he's not playing well. If they trade yet another Captain (and my favourite one, at that), I'm going to be mighty pissed.

Habsfan10 said...

Fezworth, don't you worry about Guy. He's spent his whole life being venerated as a hockey God so sometimes he says stupid shit because no one will call him on it.

The first time he met his future wife, he told her she had to lose 10 pounds before he'd date her. He got pissed when the Habs offered him "a clerk's salary" after he retired in '85. That "clerk's salary" was reported to be around $75,000 a year ... pretty good money now, let alone 20 years ago!

Guy is an odd man, but loves the Habs and knows hockey. A lot of what he said in that column is true ... Koivu doesn't look happy, and sad to say, he isn't a franchise player. But no one takes him any more seriously than the idiots at 110% or on RDS or even goofs like Al Strachan when they try to start stuff.

Never worry about Guy (I won't suggest ignoring him, because he's so damn fun when he starts going off ... that four 4th lines stuff was awesome!). He was a brilliant player but he's kind of crazy. And I love him more than anyone I know. I saw the full glory years of Guy and you take the crazy with the genius sometimes.

Vintage HF29 said...

I saw the full glory years of Guy and you take the crazy with the genius sometimes.


I grew up watching the guy. There was nothing like him. He was god to me. But I don't listen to his rantings now. He can say what he wants, no one takes him seriously!

Anonymous said...

Ok, fair enough. Guy is a hockey God, and you have to accept that sometimes they'll be crazy. But who says that the Captain HAS to be the franchise player? You would think that giving his heart, soul, body, and a shiny new PET scanner to the team & city he loves would be enough.

Look at Chips. Nobody has given HIM a TFS moniker, and yet everybody from Yvon Pednault to Pierre McGuire says his name in the same breath as 'Future Captain of the Montreal Canadiens'. He doesn't have to be a franchise player.

Let's not forget... Koivu was drafted, he wasn't traded for. It was hoped he would turn out to be good, and he has probably met those expectations from his draft day. He wasn't brought to Montreal to BE the franchise player, was he? (Again, I came to hockey late, so a wee bit before my time. Feel free to correct me on this).

Habsfan10 said...

Koivu got picked late in the first round, but I'm sure everyone hoped he'd be something special. And his first couple of years in the league, he looked like he was going to be a fixture in the top ten scorers. Two knee injuries and a cancer scare later he's an excellent hockey player but not a superstar. No shame in that.

FYI, Lafleur was the franchise player but never even wore an A for the Habs, let alone the C. Another reason to take his words with a grain of salt.