Friday, December 21, 2007

Habs win 5-2 Over Caps - but please, there's not enought booze in the world for us to tolerate more pics like the one from the last game preview

Most of the FHF watched last night's game through the bottom of a glass, mostly to drown out the mental image of HF29's game preview pic.

Plan the Parade: Habs win! Who cares that it was against the worst team in the East. Gimauve pots a pair, making Carbo look like a genius for sitting him an extra game in favour of Milk Carton Mike. Ditto Cristo-Wall, who looked every bit the No. 1 goalie last night in stopping 35 of 37 shots. We'll see if it gets him another start on Saturday. Little Tits gets his first career NHL goal, which hopefully earns him a trip to the dermatologist on the Habs tab. The Dance a Dix line again proves to be the de facto number 1 line, although at least Saks didn't do any Chris Simon impersonations last night. Georges and Rhino were still in the lineup, meaning Breezer was still locked in a truck parked somewhere in St. Leonard, God Bless the mafia (yeah yeah, I know I made that joke in the comments earlier this week, but it's still funny to me.)

The Sky is Falling: even with a win against the worst team in the East, the Habs are 4-18 on Christmas road trips over the past few seasons, so let's not get too excited - besides Alex the Gr8, Nylander and Semin, name another Caps forward. Exactly. Rhino made some miscues again, suggesting he's not quite ready to be anointed the No. 4 defenceman quite yet - but a couple of years down the road, we're excited to see the Twin Towers, Rhino and Komo, knocking forwards on their rumps in front of TFS(TM).

Chez Paree bound: sure, what the hell, it's almost Christmas. But be warned: we're not convinced the Fat Chick Stripper isn't coming back soon. Although we all pray HF29 just won't be able to bring himself to post another startling pic like that . I may need a rusty spoon to gouge my eyes out if that happens again.

Next Evil Foe: The Habs hope to avoid a Thrashing in Atlanta (haha...not). ATL ended a four game skid with a win over T.Bay and added second win by beating the Sens last night (sorry SLC). Although they're still under .500 and will be hard pressed to make the playoffs, at least they're not the Falcons.


HabsFan29 said...

good use of "de facto"! there's lawyers around here.

and I am pleased to announce that every game from now on against a Southeast divsion team will have a plus-sized stripper. can't break the streak. MMMOUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

panger76 said...


I have to plagerize...err I mean "quote" HF10 and his email comment after you posted it yesterday:

"My eyes! The googles do nothing!"