Monday, December 03, 2007

Ow! My groin!

We reported in TMS this morning that Jaroslav Halak was recalled from Hamilton to back up Huet, because The Franchise Savior (TM) was sick. Now it looks like Halak may be doing alot more than just backing up.

As it turns out, the Christo-Wall pulled a groin (ouch!) during the game Saturday Night. May explain the 3rd period and shootout. He's listed as day-to-day. With Price having the flu, the door seems open for Halak to make his season debut tomorrow night against Detroit. Lots of luck, kid.


HabFanatic said...

you could see Huet was injured after his back flop into the net on Saturday..

Now if he & Price are both out tomorrow..who is backing up Halak?

My dream scenario is a trade brewing but unlikely...

HabsFan29 said...

Now if he & Price are both out tomorrow..who is backing up Halak?

to continue our Slap Shot quoting from last week, "is the answer Jesus?"

WufPirate said...

Two words:

Sean. Burke.

(kidding) :)

cable guy said...

Well Halak is unhappy in Hamilton so this is his opportunity if he gets the start to try and beat the best team in the league. Imagine if he does?

lawyergirl77 said...

Yann Danis was pretty good in the pre-season (actaully, he was our best goalie) and the guy has played in the NHL before so I wouldn't mind seeing him get called up.

In other news, I now owe Mr. LG77 an apology. He said that he saw Huet grimace in pain in the 3rd period and said "oh shit, Huet pull his groin again". I told him it was all in his head and that he was just grimacing in general about the shittiness of his teammates. He insisted, I insisted and then much insisting ensued (in which I may or may not have been told to "stop acting like a goddamned lawyer" but I digress...)

Dammit, I guess I have to bake humble pie for dindin tonight. *sigh*

Jordi said...

Yanni is as useless as the day is long, I'd take Halak over him any day. Halak's been burning for this moment. Don't be a whore Habs organisation, let him do his thing. And send Price down for Christ's sake - he's only a kid and can only do so much.

I'm only mad because I'm eager to see Halak again, we- I mean he had a good thing going on.

Topham said...

Thought it was worth mentioning that Halak has never lost a regular season game in Montreal (probably like Brodeur) - he is 7 for 7 with 2 shutouts.

I had the link to the stats in my blog.

In addition, how about Claude Lemieux there to homour the rivalry with the Wings. I hope Draper does the ceremonial face-off.