Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wings 4, Habs 1. We just don't care anymore.

Here's your game highlight.

A little FHF behind the scenes for you. The day after a Habs game, in the morning, we email each other to discuss who is least busy at work and / or wants to recap the game. This morning, we had the following email exchange:

HF29: Anyone want to review that crap?

Panger: Not really. We should just post a picture of a stripper and pretend no game happened yesterday. Except for El Dandy’s diving tackle and Chelly’s follow up. The only highlight of the game.

Rest of FHF: [sound of crickets]

So here's our game review for you: 16 shots. That's not good. Keep your head up for the falling sky, and have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

What is with the Habs?

This team does have some talent – realized or not. The only logical Vulcan conclusion is that Carbo cannot build a system that the players will buy into.

The constant line changes are an obvious symptom of a coach in trouble (Streit on the first line???)

The first step towards improvement is to change the entire coaching staff and bring in someone who can motivate the players to commit to a system and to work their ass off every night. Work with the pieces we have – Bob sees it, why can’t Carbo? (I put my faith in Gainey long before I will believe in Carbo?)

Detroit is talented but more importantly well coached – By a McGill Alumni no less.

So let’s stop talking trades – let’s fix the bench and the dressing room first

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, does that mean naked fireman for every game until xmas ?

Get your shit together (Habs) before I burn that fucking Phone booth to the ground.
2 fucking defensemen playing forward, if we are that thin on offence, get some help.
I can deal with a loss to the Wings, but the no show is unacceptable.
I’m starting to be one pissed off customer.

Northeast division sucks!

Anonymous said...

Playing like that in front of the great Jean Beliveau will surely send him to an early grave. You bastards.