Friday, December 14, 2007

City of Brotherly Love: Team Big and Little Tits 4, Team with No Tits 1

There’s something about these Philadelphia Flyers that brings out the best in the Montreal Canadiens. The teams’ first game in what was an unceremonious first appearance at the Bell Centre for homeboy Daniel Brière, since his non merci, Montréal, proved to be nothing more than a cake walk for the Habs.

This time around, the Habs playing in the comforts of away from home, delivered another nearly perfect performance as the Flyers were quickly left behind, trying to discern between their anuses and their elbow pads.

The Road Warriors controlled this one from the start, while the Flyers' grasp on the game proved weaker than Renaud Lavoie’s translation skills. It was everything a coach wants to see. Special units delivering 110 pourcent on the dollar (US or CAD, take your pick), reliable, if unflashy, goaltending, responsible coverage in the defensive zone. All this contributed to the Canadiens mounting a 4-0 lead on the road and smiles across the boards.

The Habs’ first line was invigorated by mother’s milk with Little Tits providing an extra spark that had long gone missing in the Finding Ryder story. The Kostitsyn brothers toasted their first NHL game together by combining for a Sergei fancy pass between the legs to Andrei, in a play the two must have practiced many a times in Novopolotsk, Belarus not too long ago. While it didn’t result in a goal, the play left fans in anticipation of more brotherly chemistry. Coach Carbonneau sped that process up by seeing what the two could do on the power play together.

In his first NHL game, Litte Tits did just fine and looked far more comfortable and confident than now-Bulldog Grabovski.

Now we are left to wonder what this all means for Michael Ryder. He and his agent will soon find the right answers to that question, but if Ryder wants to play on this team he may have to settle for a spot on the Chipichura, Latendresse line, which may make sense if Ryder can find anything that resembles his past form. That kind of line can be for the Habs what the defunct Getzlaf, Penner, Perry trio was for Anaheim.

Team management may already have thrown in the towel tough on this player who never saw fit to sign for anything longer than a breath in Montreal. By all accounts, Ryder’s days in Montreal appeared to be numbered. In any event, if Sergei K’s feature presentation was a sign of things to come, Carbo will be hard pressed to take him off the first line.

This was the kind of breakout game that provides fans with the respite needed when on the verge of signing off. A couple of beautiful tic, tac, toe plays made it a fun three periods to watch in a game that saw Carey Price relegated to more of an insurance role than anything else.

Marc Streit’s two goals were another testament to an everything going right on this night type of game.

And what about Brière? I’ve seen fruit flies look more apparent on an elephant’s ass.


HabsFan29 said...

seeing Big and Little together on the ice on the PP was the highlight of the season for me so far. boy im excited to see what they can do in the future. those Sedin kids can kiss their ass

Kirsten said...

I had thought Briere's refusal was more of a "go fuck yourself, Montreal".

Kirsten said...
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Ryan said...

Little message for you at the bottom.

HabsFan29 said...

@Kirsten - it was. But it was more of a "go fuck yourself Montreal media i'm not dealing with that crap"

ryan thanks for the tip. he refers to the "4 Habs brothers". im not even sure if that is us!

Habsfan10 said...

Did a Flyer fan just call himself classy?

That statue is so beloved it has been moved THREE FUCKING TIMES since it was first put at the top of the steps.

Habsfan10 said...

By the way, if we're four brothers, I'm totally the good looking one.

Senators Lost Cojones said...
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Senators Lost Cojones said...

You know, if they had used that prop, maybe the last four Rockies wouldn't have sucked so badly. Okay, they probably would have, but I definitely would have enjoyed them more.

Quality post to go with a quality win gentlemen. I'm a big, big fan of anything that equates Briere to a fruit fly.

...trying to discern between their anuses and their elbow pads.

Today class, we're going to learn the difference between concave and convex. Please remove your pants.

HabsFan33 said...

What the FUCK is Cryan Ryan whining about?! I was careful enough to super impose Adrian's breasts over the Stallion!