Saturday, December 22, 2007

Um.., Excuse Me, Sorry, WHAT THE HELL IS A THRASHER? Game Night Open Thread

Waiting in line details - 7 PM start at Phillips Arena (not Phillip's Arena, I don't know of a Phillp who owns the place). This is the second of a six-game road trip and the Road Worriers will be at it again looking for a second straight win away from home. Atlanta is playing just under .50o hockey whether it be at home or on the road, which is a nice rendition of overall mediocrity. Giid for them.

Pay your cover charge to - BlueLand Blog. It's a blog. It's blue. Looks legit.

Hot sexy Habs to watch - Guillaume Latendresse comes of a benching and produces a 2-goal effort against the Caps. Cristobal Huet comes off an injury/benching and turns in a fine performance. Kovalev continues to put points on the board with another 2 assists in Washington. The Tits brothers are proving to be a fine pair.

Hot sexy Thrashers to watch - Ilya Kovalchuk is giving Vinny the Cavalier a run for his money for the most dazzling player of the 2007-2008 season. He now has 28 goals and 18 assists for 46 points in 34 games. His jets are simply electrifying, with what must be the deadliest wrist shot in the game to boot. Kari Lehtonen is starting to play like another Kari (pronounced Carey) we know, with two straight wins. Newcomer, Saku penpal Mark Recchi, has 5 points in 5 games since arriving in Georgia.

Skanky Habs to watch - Chris Higgins has lost a step. Only Koivu seems to have been sparked by Little Tits' arrival on the first line. The Finding Ryder tragedy lives to see another day.

Skanky Thrashers to watch - Look, I would be happy with a 31-point player in Montreal at this time of the season, but those totals seem a bit off for Marian Hossa who has accustomed us to more. Go make love to a very sweaty animal, Slava Kozlov, with your dickball numbers, and thanks so very much for nuking my pool. Asshole.

Post-game adult entertainment establishment - Oh my, look at what's happening over at The Cheetah. Looks like a fancy restaurant with strippers. Excuse me, waiter, my blowjob's a bit cold, would you warm it up for me? Must have fast service at the Cheetah...Rrrar!!!!

Alright let's hear your dirt dirty thoughts in the comments. And please answer the question in the title while you're at it!


HabsFan33 said...

I don't get this, Oh wait, guys, before you go home and spend the holidays with your families, let's hop on a space shuttle to Atlanta and fucking DALLAS and squeeze in a couple of games.

panger76 said...

Considering thier play at home this year, they should all be expecting coal in thier stocking back in MTL anyway.

Well except Breezer, he's hoping to find the excape lach for the trunk he's locked in.

So now that Ryder is sitting for a 3rd straight, which Western Conference team is going to pick up a 30-goal scorer for 10 cents on the dollar during the Habs boxing week sale?

grrrreg said...

hi there!
that's a pretty good game so far...

lawyergirl77 said...

Panger - I dunno who's gonna take Ryder, but if we throw in a bag of pucks and a couple of pylons, do you think that they'd be willing to drive the car Breezer's locked in away with him??

Now THAT would be a Christmas miracle!!

And is it just Mr. LG77 and I or does Huet still look injured tonight??